When I was in high school, my BFF and I used to eat a crapload of chocolate. We’d sort of go a few days with no sweets, and then – boom – good bye Mr Cadbury. We’d very calmly demolish a block, and then go on our merry ways to school the next day, feeling fine. There was no such thing as a Food Coma, or the dreaded Food Hangover. We just sort of sucked it up and kept on going.

Now, I fear those days are behind me. Something has been happening to me lately. It started at Max Brenner’s, when I couldn’t finish my hot chocolate. It got worse when I managed to keep some Bittersweet truffles in my fridge for five whole days without touching them. And then there was the other day at Movenpick ice cream.

Damn you, Movenpick. Why are you so creamy? Why are you so sweet? Why did you make me feel ill after I demolished you?

It wasn’t Movenpick’s fault. Well, maybe it was. I had all intentions to get one scoop, but once I saw all the flavours I couldn’t stop at one. I got a scoop of Maple Walnut, and a scoop of White Chocolate. The Maple Walnut flavour was off the hook – these two are just a perfect flavour pairing. However, if my maple sense doesn’t fail me – and I’m pretty damn sure it doesn’t – I daresay it was artifical maple syrup. This funny after taste didn’t kick in until I was halfway through the scoop though, so it wasn’t too bad.

The white chocolate was amazingly creamy – if you’re a lover of really milky tasting, rich ice cream, you’ll love this flavour. Halfway through this scoop, I had another slightly negative experience, although it wasn’t with the flavour. It was just all too much. Something is happening to me. My tolerance threasehold for sugar is slowly building up, and I’m not sure I like it. I fought my way through most of the final scoop, then sat there clutching my belly, looking at my sad little pool of leftover ice cream.

So is Movenpick good? Yes, it is damn good. There’s also some seating, plus it’s open until 10.30pm, plus they make waffles. But bare in mind the ice cream is very, very sweet and creamy – even for sugar fanatics like I. It’s also a little on the exxy side – from memory, two scoops cost about $7? Go easy and you’ll reap the rewards.

Movenpick Ice Cream

Palace Barracks – Top of Caxton Street

Petrie Terrace

Open seven days until late

(07) 3367 3988

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  1. I so agree. This ice-cream is literally “iced cream.” I remember my first Mövenpick experience. It was in Leicester Square in London — many, many years ago. They had a massive store there (the only one I saw in the UK). It captivated this young pup at the time. Given my youth back then, I was able to eat practically anything, but I did realise how rich this ice-cream was. If I were to eat this again, it would just be a simple quenelle on the side for me!

  2. lim says:

    great review!~

  3. Georgia says:

    Same price as Baskin Robbins so it sounds… I know where I’d be going!

  4. Georgia says:

    The answer was Movenpick btw, i’d go to Movenpick…

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