Spotlight: Vapiano Launch

I’ve now walked a red carpet twice in my life. The first time, it was worn, quite threadbare, and I’m pretty sure it was red because someone spilt goon on it.

My second red carpet experience was much nicer (and cleaner). Vapiano officially launched last week, and pulled out all the stops to celebrate their opening, fluffy red un-stained carpet to boot.

Fresh basil pots at Vapiano

Vapiano is tucked away in one of the new CBD laneways, Albert Lane. Spread over three levels, the decor is sleek and modern. There are two bars, heaps of seating, and little pots of fresh basil on all of the tables (cute!).

Vapiano Chicken Pizza

We were offered a selection of beer, wine, and champers, but GG and I went with the fruity bellinis. We also sampled one of Vapiano’s dishes – pizza! The Barbqeue Pollo (normally $19) was damn good. Chicken breast, barbeque sauce, onion, smoked cheese, and mozzarella are a winning combo, although the chicken was a little thin on this pizza. The crust was thin and soft, with enough crispiness to hold the toppings. I loved the smoked cheese – it matched perfectly with that whole barbeque theme and made you feel like you were right next to a hot pizza oven.

Across the table GG was chowing down (I lie, she was delicately nibbling) on the Con Carne pizza (normally $19) –
ham, pepperoni, salami, barbecue sauce, own tomato base, and mozzarella. The meat looked a little more generous on this one, and the overall pizza got the thumbs up from GG.

Other dishes at Vapiano include pastas, salad, and antipasto. Prizes are good, too; pizzas and pasta start from $13. It’s surprising, given the surrounds are very swish and have a relaxed upmarket feel.

It’d be an ideal place for groups, as they have a uniqe swipe card system, where each person swipes their own card as they order drinks and food, then presents their own card at the end to pay. The days of awkward bill splitting and cries of “but I didn’t eat any garlic bread, why should I pay the $2 for it?” are long over.

I’ll definitely go back to Vapiano. The pizza was some of the best I’ve had in Brisbane, and it’s excellent value. Now, on to my next red carpet: pass the shiraz, please?

Albert Lane, Brisbane CBD

(07) 3221 4933

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  1. I’m happy for the ‘chowing’ down to appear. God knows it’s much truer than delicately nibbling!

  2. ForTheSenses says:

    I first indulged at Vapiano long before your launch, and agree – the food was fabulous! I highly recommend the Verdure pizza with its array of roasted vegetables and a thin crust that made me reminisce about my time in Italy.

    The service was quick, and not having that ‘I had the …’ discussion when paying the bill makes things so much smoother.

    My only complaint (and I’m not sure that’s even the right word) would be the amount of noise generated. No absorption with the timber floors and open plan. It’s still incredibly inviting though, and I too, will be back!

  3. ally says:

    Good to hear my good experience wasn’t just a one-off, ForTheSenses! That Verdure pizza sounds gooood.

  4. I’m going to head back to try the Con Carne pizza!

  5. thatssoron says:

    i really need to pop by n try this place… i’ve been iching to go there!

  1. 13/05/2010

    […] had Vapiano’s pizza before, and was pleased to see it was still damn good. I love the crust on these pizzas – to me it […]

  2. 13/10/2010

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