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You know what? I love Starbucks. I do. I don’t care what you think – it’s great. I am fully behind any cafe in Brisbane that stays open past 6pm (*cough* frappucino *cough*). It’s so hard to find cosy cafes in this city that are open late, especially in the suburbs. This is why sometimes, as much as I love Starbucks, I wish there were more alternatives (I’ve talked about this before). Like most other cafes that are open late, they are not in the suburbs. Yes, I know West End and Milton have several late-night options, but I’m talking outside the inner-city.

I fulfilled half of my quest recently when I visited The Newsroom Cafe, in Toowong. Lots of seats? Check. Good coffee? Check. Sugary treats? Check. Open late? Bahm-bahmmm. This saddens me – Newsroom is a great little cafe, it’s independent, it’s cheap, it’s in an easily accessible area, but it seems to shut on most days well before 6pm.

Now, this is where I admit I’m an idiot and can’t remember the prices. I wrote them down in a very stealthy manner, and now that grubby little piece of paper is gone. I will therefore refer to everything quite vaguely as ‘well priced’. This means cheaper than usual, but not chipped nail polish cheap.

One bizarre thing I can remember is that the delicious white chocolate, cranberry, and pistachio slice we ordered was from Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies. I loved this – it was like a blondie, but with a much harder and heartier texture. This flavour combination is brilliant, and it reminded me of a treat I had with similar flavours, at the Rosalie Gourmet Market. It was well priced, as were the other cakes and savouries on offer. Our skim cappucinos were also – you guessed it – well priced. The coffees in question were good, although I remember mine being a bit on the strong side.

Newsroom opens pretty early (around 6.30am), and often have pretty cheap breakfast deals. Newsroom, please, please, please think of those poor saps who can’t be bothered tredging up the road to Milton or the city, and stay open later! A-dawg likes her blondies at all hours of the day, not just before 5pm.

Newsroom Cafe

1 High St

(07) 3871 1577

Open daily, 6.30am-6pm

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4 Responses

  1. It’s graet when places stay open past 6pm. I wish shops did that too! 🙂

  2. ally says:

    Double edged sword though I think, Lorraine…good for the wardrobe, bad for the wallet!

  3. Annette says:

    Indeed, very inconvenient. It seems coffee shops cater for the unemployed… If you try to go for a coffee after work, it is a quest to find anything in the suburbs that is open. Mind you, even if you finish work at 1pm and go to the gym after work, hoping to rehydrate after gym (around 4pm) it is near impossible to find a coffee shop!

  1. 26/03/2010

    […] Post-sugar-drop piccolo latte at The Newsroom Cafe (review by EatDrinkBrisbane). A piccolo is a good middle-ground between a short black and a flat white…try […]

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