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I am such a swinger. Recently I tossed the keys to EDB into the proverbial bowl, and fished out Gina’s. So we did it. We swapped. We had our ways with each other’s sites, and then we swapped back. I feel a little dirty, but more so, I feel very envious of the meal Gina enjoyed at Cloudland. Read about it below, then head over to the wordmistress to read what I left behind as I did the walk of shame back here.

Rediscover your Mojo at Cloudland

Like a little Austen Powers ambiance with your meal?  Step right into Cloudland and be astonished. Right there on Ann St is an amazing oasis of wonderment, where I enjoyed a delish lunch recently with a girlfriend who has become such a regular, she parks herself there to read while she eats.

Being of the vintage that I am, I remember the original Cloudland, all polished wood dance floor, massive dome entry and kitsch decor.  This new incarnation is not so much a hark-back as a borrowed name on nouveau kitsch decor.  Honestly, I don’t know how it works with all its mixed themes, hotch potch of colour schemes and random seating arrangements, but it really does!  It’s a feast for the eyes and you could return many times and still notice something new.  Pastels mix with earthy tones, PVC with silk, candles with bamboo and it all seems to – I don’t know – make sense!  There’s a waterfall, an opening rooftop, chandeliers, upstairs, downstairs, private nooks, open spaces. It does my head in to think of the design brief!

Cloudland Tomato Salad

But what really sold me was the food.  The dishes I ordered really grabbed me by the tastebuds and I find myself craving them even now, a couple of weeks later! Am I talking about something otherworldly or laced with addictive substances? No!  I’m talking great freakin’ salad here! I had what’s normally a pretty standard caprese salad – tomatoes, bocconcini and basil – but it was actually fresh buffalo mozzarella, three or four different and exotic tomato varieties, soaked in a dressing you could drink. I also scoffed down the Seared Atlantic Salmon with a tomato, green bean and olive salad with tapenade, part of the Express menu specifically designed to feed rushed ladies-who-lunch (and gents!).

Salmon and salad

Dessert was dreamy! Two delectable, sugar-coated donuts and creamy, homemade ice cream.  Alas, the menu has now changed so you’ll have to make do with the Schezwan sugar crusted doughnut injected with choc chilli bomb, fresh coconut salad and coconut bubbles. Poor thing.

If you really want to push the experience, visit the bathrooms!  Not your regular cubicle/basin fare. From the unbelievably effective hand dryers to the ambient, moody lighting, you might want to order your meals delivered there.  Ok maybe not, but you definitely have to take a peek.

The only off-putting part of my visit to Cloudland was that the wait staff didn’t wear uniforms.  Considering the lengths and fine detail the designers have gone to, to ensure the look and feel of the place, you would think the human element would be factored in as well.  Still, the staff members were attentive and knowledgeable, and I couldn’t fault the service.

Park over in Chinatown across Ann St and hand your ticket to Cloudland staff when you pay for your meal. They’ll validate it and save you a pretty penny;  all it’ll cost you is $8.


Restaurant, Bar, and Club

641 Ann St

Fortitude Valley

(07) 3872 6600

Gina Lofaro ‘aka the wordmistress’ is a professional copywriter whose mind wanders constantly to where her next taste sensation may come from.  Between dining out and creating literary marketing masterpieces for online and offline clients, Gina can be found on twitter at wordmistressAUS or online at

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  1. noname says:

    Booked a function. When the all of us arrived they had stuffed up the booking and we stood around for 10 mins. Asked multiple times for a drink (had put down money on a bar tab prior to arrival so shouldn’t have been a problem) and were eventually directed to an uncleaned area. I was never offered an explanation, compensation or an apology. Will NEVER go back.

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