Ceylon Inn Review

Update December 2012: The Rosalie location of Ceylon Inn has closed. Visit one of their other locations instead.

Despite my writing-related education and job, sometimes I really muck up language. Only a few years ago I said “grand prix” phonetically, much to the ridicule and peals of laughter from my mother. I can now add Ceylon Inn to my list of errors – but only in terms of pronunciation.

D and I went to Ceylon Inn in Rosalie (not ‘say-lon’, as we thought; our waitress corrected us and said it was ‘sigh-lon’. Got it) recently for a romantic (ew) dinner. We picked the Indian restaurant because it is rather sexy. It’s honestly got to be one of the most attractive restaurants on the Nash St/Baroona Rd strip. Lighting is very dim inside, save for very large and warmly-coloured lamps. There’s exotic-looking furniture, warm-coloured paint on the walls, and a simple terracotta tile on the floor. It’s romantic, but in a very cool, Eastern way – i.e., you could take your best mate there no worries. It’s so sexy and dim-lit in fact, that I could not get a single decent photograph. Blurry photos, hurrah!

We started with naan. Of course we did – let’s face it, most of us only get Indian for the naan, am I right? We went with a Kashmiri Naan ($5.50), which was stuffed with dried fruit, coconut, and nuts. I usually love this flavour of naan, but the dried cherries in it were a little weird. The very sweet, almost maraschino-like cherry seemed at odds with its low-key coconut, nut, and date friends.

I got a Vegetable Hatu curry (peas and potatoes cooked in garlic, ground onion, cashews and coconut milk, around $17), and D went with the Ceylon curry with chicken (around $19). I enjoyed mine, although I couldn’t really taste the cashews and coconut milk that was the base; I suppose I was expecting a richer flavour. D’s curry was also fine; the flavour wasn’t mind-blowing, but the meat was tender and well-cooked. A generous serve of rice accompanied our curries.

D also tried a mango lassi ($4.50). The drink was refreshing with a tang from the yoghurt; it would have been an ideal match for a hot curry, had we had the balls to order one.

Service was excellent at Ceylon Inn; despite the girl correcting our pronunciation (this is a bit rude, right?), she was very sweet, friendly, and polite. She checked on us during the meal, but wasn’t pushy or hovering. Prices at Ceylon are a little bit higher than your average Indian restaurant, but I think it’s worth it given the ambiance. Admittedly, I have had better Indian elsewhere, but the surroundings at Ceylon are really just gorgeous. It’s hard to find a lovely place to eat dinner at for under $30 a head, but Ceylon have managed to do it.

It’s the perfect place for a ron-day-voo.

Ceylon Inn

Indian Restaurant

165 Baroona Road


(07) 3505 0990

(also at Toowong, Kenmore, Graceville, and Bulimba)


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  1. Jillian Howarth says:

    You should try Flavours of Punjab at Manly West for the best Chicken Tikka Masala in Brisbane!! Quiet restaurant but the food is always great!!!

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