Quick Bites: Festival Fever

May usually sticks in my mind because it’s the month where all the ladies of Brisbane whip out their boots, scarves, and jackets, and wear all three at once while complaining about the 24’c weather, and making “brr!” noises. Ladies, I love you, but please: suck it up. Turn your concentration instead to the two fantastic festivals bombarding Brisbane this month. May has now been reborn as the month of the Foodie Festival.

Italian Week

26 May to 2 June

Now in it’s fourth  year, Italian Week celebrates all things dolce. Events include a degustration dinner with Tuscan dishes at Cortina restaurant in Nundah; a barista course at Di Bella Coffee; and the Jan Powers ‘Il Mercato’ Italian Markets. There’s also entertainment, and cultural and sporting events, plus a two-day workshop at Vapiano restaurant exploring ‘la bella figura’ – the Italian figure. If that literally means an Italian figure, namely a twenty-something man with blue eyes, I’m there (who am I kidding – if it involves food, I’m there regardless).

Visit www.italianweek.com.au for a full list of events and locations.


21-23 May

HONEYPUFFS HONEYPUFFS!! Oh yeah and Greek food stalls, entertainment, Effie, and a Zorba ‘Til Your Drop competition. Get those magical little balls of puffed sweetness at this always popular cultural event, held at Musgrave Park and The Greek Club, Edmondstone St, South Brisbane. Visit http://www.paniyiri.com/ for a full program.

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