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Hello good people. This week’s guest review comes from a lass called Cass. This one lives dangerously – she orders her coffee in bowls and eats pizza for breakfast. Read about her shenanigans at Salt, in Rosalie.

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and I can say that Salt is one of my favourite breakfast haunts. I will first declare Salt is my ‘local’ and I’m often found at this lovely little Rosalie eatery – mainly for Breakfast / Brunch. While it’s not as cheap as my other local fave, Sassafras, Salt’s breakfasts are massive, man-size, meals. 

The coffees are also massive! If you ask for a large, it comes in a bowl. Personally, it’s a little too big for me and I can never get through one of these large coffees without the last half becoming cold. Don’t order the large unless you can drink half a litre of coffee quickly!   

As I’m mainly there on weekends, I have sampled most the weekend menu and there are some clear favourites. Cyprian Grilled Haloumi Cheese (pictured) is a lovely mix of piping hot seared slices of haloumi on top of a good-sized mound of avocado, tomato and fetta salsa, served with toasted Turkish bread and chilli tomato jam. I cannot tell you how well these elements all come together and make this amazing breakfast.  

Great is also the Breakfast Pizza, which comes with three generous squares of ‘pizza’ topped with a divine mix of chorizo, shallots, tomatoes, fetta, avocado and bacon topped with leafy greens and a yogurt dressing. Warning, it took two of us to get through it!  

Other greats are the Potato Gallette, which is a hand made hash brown served with salmon (or bacon) and poached eggs with a side of turkish served with a creamy zingy hollandaise sauce. It’s been on the menu for quite a while but is a great variation on Eggs Benedict. 

I’m not a big omelette fan however the sand crab version currently on the menu certainly looks tempting!  

If you’re looking for something sweet, the Caramelised Banana Crepes are a great option. These delicately wafer thin crepes are served decadent toffee tasting sliced bananas served with double cream and ice cream.  

Salt has a relaxed atmosphere with great comfy bench seats and large leather couches inside with smart black tables, and interesting artwork. Best bet is take an inside seat on a warm day, but dinner on the outside terrace when it’s cooler. Word of warning – the place is always pretty busy on a Saturday and Sunday morning but you shouldn’t have to wait longer than 10-15mins. If it’s a special occasion or a large group, I strongly suggested booking.  Staff are efficient and service is super quick – I waiting no longer than five minutes for my breakfast. 

Salt is a must try for breakfast.  


Restaurant and Cafe

Shop 2
5 Nash St 
Paddington 4064 QLD

Phone: (07) 3367 0775  

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  1. Breakfast pizza is a concept I can wholly get behind! 😀

  2. I’m glad you had a good experience- actually breakfast is usually good at Salt but night times of late, have left me feeling really disappointed. Has anyone else been for dinner lately?

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