I am a major procrastinator. I always put off things like cleaning my room, because I’d rather 1) pick all the raisins out of the muesli and eat them, 2) lie on my bed and read six month old issues of NW that I’ve borrowed from the library, and 3) inspect my head in the mirror, looking for grey hairs (nothing yet).

Case in point: Jeremy’s in the city. I first passed by this little wine bar/restaurant about a year ago and loved the look of it – the bar in the centre of the room, the low couches, the intimate little tables, the fairy lights covering one of the back walls. There’s something very ‘Melbourne’ about Jeremy’s: it looks chic and cool, but also warm and inviting at the same time. I also loved the menu, which was well-priced (dinner $20-$35, breakfast from $10), and featured such yummy dishes like gnocchi in a blue cheese sauce, dukkah spiced lamb, and salmon with champagne hollandaise.

And so, “oh, we HAVE to go to Jeremy’s soon” became a regular weekly phrase flying out of D’s and my mouth. A year later, finally this happened:

D: “I booked Jeremy’s for tomorrow…”

Me: “Awesome.”

D: “Guess who answered the phone?”

Me: “Who?”


Cue my eyes bugging out, D nodding solemnly, and us both whispering, “Jeremy? He exists? You mean there is actually a Jeremy?”

Anyway. Jeremy was absent on our visit, but a very polite and professional waiter was there instead. You know what else was there? Cloth tablecloths. You know I’m a sucka for them.

Breakfast is served until 2pm on Sunday, and the menu is quite extensive, featuring both light and heavier options. I went with Jeremy’s Muesli, which was a blend of  “fruits, nuts, grains, sliced banana, skim or full cream milk and honey cinnamon yogurt” ($10.90). D ordered the Ricotta Hotcakes, which came with date cream, poached pear, and a spiced sauce ($15.90). He also got a flat white ($4). I’m much stronger and don’t need caffeine in the morning to be a charming person, so I abstained.

My muesli was a very generous serving of natural oats, with nuts, dried apricot, fresh banana, and just a little bit of yoghurt. I was expecting toasted oats, so this was a surprise dish – the consistency of it in fact reminded me of a chewier, thicker bircher muesli. Despite my surprise, I really enjoyed this healthy dish. It was simple, yet very flavourful. I would have loved just a little more fruit, but only because there was such a huge amount of oats – I couldn’t even finish it, which is unheard of.

Meanwhile, across from me, D was thoroughly cleaning his plate. Two fluffy, perfectly cooked hotcakes were served with a generous dollop of thick cream dotted with dates, and a large piece of poached pear. The cakes had soaked up a lot of the spiced syrup, and that, coupled with the date cream, had me expecting a very dessert-like dish. But to our surprise, the spices balanced everything out and downplayed the sweetness. The contrast of sweet and spicy was amazing – I haven’t tasted flavours like that before. The date cream was delicious – it was so thick it looked like a scoop of ice cream, and had a lovely chew.

D’s flat white was also very good. The service from our main waiter was brilliant – he was so polite and really made the whole experience feel a little posh. Our only complaint was that we were sort of left sitting there for a while after the meal, with no offer from them to bring the bill.

I loved Jeremy’s, and will definitely be going back for dinner. It’s a romantic little spot, but would also be great for a few quiet drinks. Get there – it’s something that shouldn’t be put off.


Restaurant and Bar

93 Albert St, Brisbane CBD

(07) 3210 6529

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  1. Jeremy’s sounds fantastic. I love a good brekkie and am addicted to oats at the moment.

  2. ally says:

    It’s great Kerry! Such a lovely little place.

    Bit off topic, but I am MAD for oats, have them every day. Oat bran is also good – very creamy. Keeps you regular too.

  3. How are you cooking your oats? I’m adding a touch of vanilla with a milk/water combo depending on how luxurious I feel. Using Carmen’s oats.

  4. ally says:

    Homebrand quick oats all the way for me. So crazily cheap – taste and cook the same as the exxy stuff!

    I usually do 1/3 cup oats with 2/3 water and 1/3 milk. I often microwave them, but they’re so much better on the stove. Toppings can include ground flax seed, peanut butter, cinnamon, yoghurt, muesli, chopped almonds, dates…ooh and throw in some dried dates while the oats are cooking – the dates puff up and really sweeten the oats!

    This has suddenly turned into a public forum on oats. I love it.

  5. Bec Cavalot says:

    I love Jeremy’s. Best coffee and brekkie in Brisbane. I’m a Melbourne girl so used to great cafe culture but this place is fantastic. Looking forward to trying the dinner dishes next time we’ve up there.

  6. ooo I have just bought oats for winter- I got the Carman’s ones too Kerry. I think adding all that healthy stuff i.e ground flax seed is good but I might need a touch of vanilla to sweeten as I use soy milk.

  7. ally says:

    I’m telling you gals – chopped up dates while you’re cooking! Sweetens the oats right up.

    Bec – coming from a Melbourne girl, that’s definitely a compliment for Jeremy’s!

  8. Leah says:

    Love oats! I don’t think you can go past a dab of brown sugar melting on the top. Also great if you cook some finely chopped apple in with the oats and sprinkle with cinnamon at the end..mmm

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