Sol Bread

I like variety in my lunches. Sometimes I want soup; sometimes I want a salad. Sometimes I want one of those blindingly white ham and cheese bread rolls from Woolworths (don’t judge, I know you poke them too to feel their softness).

I was therefore pleased recently to see the wide variety of cheap lunch options at Sol Bread in Paddington. If you’ve ever wandered past this cafe/bakery and dismissed it as only selling bread, think again: pizza, muesli, savoury pastries, fruit salad, sandwiches, salad, and cake were just some of the offerings I saw on the day I visited.

The price was right too; my small pumpkin salad was $7.50 and was a very generous serve. My only complaint? Cheese OVERLOAD. I know, I know, there’s no such thing as a cheese overload, right? Well, when you order a pumpkin salad and a bowl with a thick blanket of fetta hiding a tiny amount of greens, pumpkin, and pine nuts arrives, you start to re-think your devotion to the wonder blocks of calcium. A more even ratio of vegies to cheese would have been brilliant.

Momma T ordered a slice of vegie pizza, and had no complaints. The pizza was also of a generous size. Our coffees were just average – their main letdown was the fact that they were very luke warm.

This little cafe is cosy, comfortable, and cheery, and service is swift and laid back. It’s a great place if you’re after a cheap and healthy lunch, plus they’re well-stocked with the famous Sol bread varieties. I’ve had the fruit sourdough bread before and it was hearty and delicious.

Although if you prefer a sneaky piece of cheese’n’bacon, I totally understand.

Sol Bread

Bakery and Cafe

20 Latrobe Tce

Paddington (also locations in West End, Newstead, and Toowong)

(07) 3876 4800

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3 Responses

  1. Cheese and Bacon breads from woolies!Argh the memories- we used to get these at school. It was even cooler when they bought out the extra special pizza bread with added tomato paste and pineapple- believe me, fights ensued in the boarding house when they were offered for recess!

  2. Linda V says:

    Oh no, I bought some of those rolls today. My kids love them. But I would much prefer to be lunching at Sol Bread.

  3. Disappointed says:

    Excellent food but, sadly, poor customer service. Not what you’d expect from a business offering healthy food alternatives!

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