Quick Bites: Father’s Day

On September 5, it’s all about Papa Bear. Yes, Father’s Day may be another commercial holiday, and it may just be a cheap way to get us to buy more stuff, but it’s also a chance to celebrate your patriarch. And what better way to do that than with food?

Learn the Way of the BBQ

You may be like me, and already be awesome at using a BBQ. Or you could be one of those filthy people who never clean the grill, arguing that it’ll give the next batch of meat ‘extra flavour’. No matter what your skill level, The Barracks is running a free barbecue cooking demo on Saturday September 4. Outback Matty (Matthew McKenzie) will be playing host. Who is this hat-wearing young gun, you ask? Just Jamie Oliver’s protege. No big. Check it out from 11am-1pm. www.thebarracks.info
 Protect Papa’s Prostate

So I think I may have gone just a little too far with that title. But seriously, have you thought about hosting a BBQ for Father’s Day/Blue September? September is prostate cancer awareness month, and the Blue September group and the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia are encouraging everyone to host BBQs and raise money. This disease is a bitch, and kills nearly 3300 men annually. This is EQUAL to the number of women who die from breast cancer annually. Consider the BBQ an added bonus in this terrific cause. Visit www.prostate.org.au or www.blueseptember.org

BBQ on the River

From a weird title to a downright boring one. Sorry. At least the activity I’m referring to is exciting – a special BBQ brunch on a beautiful riverside deck, followed by rock climbing, abseiling, or kayaking. It’s all happening at Riverlife Adventure Centre in Kangaroo Point on Sunday September 5. Tickets are$145  for a family of four. www.riverlife.com.au

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  1. Ha ha- your photo made me laugh. What are your best BBQ cleaning techniques- I use hot water and loads of detergent – so much so that I accidentally did make our lamb taste a little soapy one time.

  2. ally says:

    I go old school. A paper towel, a bit of water post-BBQ. A cut lemon pre-BBQ. I’m pretty sure Hewey taught me that lemon trick.

  3. Manda says:

    Ally, hosting a BBQ to promote prostate cancer awareness is an excellent idea. I want to organise one of these now for my family and friends. Love your work!

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