Dello Mano – New PB Brownies

D and I are a brilliant team. Not only do we often accidently dress in complementary colours (sick, but true), but we also acheive very brilliant things when we work together.

Case in point: I was idly surfing on twitter the other afternoon while eating a late lunch, when I noticed a cheeky little tweet from Dello Mano: “Dello Mano New Peanut Butter Brownie”. I literally live for peanut butter. D loves brownies more than he loves me (fair). So therefore I told him about it straight away:

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Boom. That’s just how we roll. Except D forgot to bring the brownie home, which nearly had me in tears. I eventually got my hands on it though.
I was surprised to see that the pb brownie looks just like an original brownie, except with a pretty swirl of pb on the top. Now, I swear up and down that Dello Mano brownies are the BEST brownies out there, so of course the pb brownie was delicious. But if you’re after something that screams pb, this is not it. The pb flavour is firmly on top, and is definitely not dispersed through the whole brownie as I thought it would be.
As a die-hard pb lover, this disapointed me a bit, but I think the majority of people would quite like the subtle flavour. I’ll stick with the original flavour, and satisfy my urges with a finger in the Kraft pb jar.

Dello Mano

Luxury Brownies

1300 661 682

(available at various markets and their Bowen Hills store)

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