Kingsley’s Blogger Dinner

Yes, that is steak on a chair.

Sometimes I feel a little silly when I tell people I blog. You know those people who have the knack for making you feel like a dick, simply by repeating words back to you? I.e.:

Ally: “I have a food blog! Whee!”
Mean Person: “You have a food blog?”
Ally: “Yes! I take pictures of food and write about it!”
MP: “You..take pictures of your food. And then you write about it?”

Know what I’m talking about? Recently my fears of being ridiculed for being a blogger were momentarily silenced. Why? Because a prominent Brisbane restaurant organised a blogger dinner and invited me to it.

It is so refreshing to see that more Brisbane establishments are cluing in to the power of social media. Blogs are here to stay and it’s brilliant that people have noticed the opportunities for promotion. (Free meals are always good too.)

Kingsley’s is a steakhouse, and certainly has that classic steakhouse feel. Dark colours, plush booth seating, and wooden panelling make the riverside restaurant a warm and cosy place. It’s a little old-school men’s club, but with plenty of modern chic thrown in – and not forgetting the awesome view of the river and Storey Bridge.

The menu we were served sampled a range of Kinglsey’s dishes, including oysters (usually from $4.90), steak tartare ($23.90 for 120 grams), and kingfish sashimi ($16.90). The oysters – a bloody mary shooter, natural Alaskan, and a tempura – were fantastic and tasted very fresh. I was a bit unsure about the steak tartare, and felt it might have been missing a bit more spice. The sashimi was wonderful, and had a delicate flavour and melty texture.

The next course was simply ridiculous. Crab legs. Fresh crab legs. Fresh crab legs, practically overflowing on the plate. Fresh crab legs that with meat that was so plump and juicy, it simply popped out of the shell. The whole table basically moaned their way through these legs (from $19.90). Absolutely fantastic.

Unfortunately I was disapointed by the main course, the steak. I ordered the New York Striploin ($34.90), and was at first impressed by the size of the cut (300g) and the perfect grill marks. The steak itself was very thick and very chewy. I have certainly had worse steaks, but was expecting more from a steakhouse. The table seemed to have mixed reviews – some agreed with the chewiness, but others proclaimed their steaks marvelous.

We also were served a variety of sides, including thick steakhouse fries, salad, broccolini, and green beans. I loved the salad and the greens – they were fresh and flavoursome. The fries were very hearty and not too oily.

We may have been divided on the steak, but we could all agree that the seafood, service, and ambience was unbeatable.The prices seem very reasonable for the serving sizes, and the wine list is wide-ranging and well priced.

Many thanks to Belinda and the rest of the Kinglsey’s team for hosting us. It is nice to have at least one night where you can whip out your camera and snap away with no judgement.

Steak & Cran House
71 Eagle St (Riparian Plaza)
Brisbane Riverside
(locations also in Sydney and Canberra)

1300 KINGLSEYS (1300 546 475)

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  1. I still dream about those Alaskan crab legs!

  2. Robbo says:


    I was there on Riverfire night. I had the Carpetbag – a fillet steak with crab meat filling. It left me very satisfied. I normally would be more relaxed at a place that is perhaps not as upmarket but it fitted the occasion to be there that night. They have good beers on tap as well.

  3. i just attended a Sydney bloggers dinner at Kingsleys in Woolloomooloo. the crab legs were great. looks like your entree sampler is very yummy. i tried the steak tartare for the first time and was very nice. we all had beef wellington for mains. 🙂

  4. ally says:

    Long live the crab legs! Epic.

    Simon, was the beef wellington good? We all had steak!

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