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Sometimes I think I am a masochist. You would think that a month in Europe (where I scoffed pastries, beer, full-fat milky coffees, and huge wedges of cheese on a daily basis) would make me sick of rich food by the time I got home.

Err, no. I like to torture my liver and my blood glucose levels, it seems. One of my first outings since arriving back in Brisbane was to Monty’s Chocolates, a little cafe and chocolate shop in Paddington. Chocolate shops are basically the equivalent of S & M for me.

Monty’s is very small, but it’s cosy and there are a few tables inside. We ordered the chocolate sampler ($8.80), which came with a hot chocolate, one liquid salted caramel, fruit and nut candies, plain chocolate, a truffle, and chocolate covered coffee beans. We also got a mocha. Because we are nasty, nasty people.

The salted caramels seem to be a popular item at Monty’s, but I wasn’t too sold on them. I love the idea of sweet and salty, but the bitter cocoa dusting on the shell threw the taste off for me a bit. Naughty.

The chocolate-covered fruit and nut candies were delicious;  like grown up M & Ms. I also liked the chocolate-covered cocoa beans, which didn’t have the overly bitter taste I was expecting. The plain chocolate was good. It had this great balance between milk and dark. Finally, the strawberry truffle was gooey and sweet, and pretty tasty. Cheeky little thing.

The hot chocolate was a bit average. It was done in an ‘Italian style’, true, but I found it to be too sickly. This could be a matter of personal taste, and it is hard to make a milkier hot chocolate that is still rich and chocolatey. Note too that it’s a very, very small cup of hot chocolate that comes with the sampler – although trust me, it’s more than enough. The mocha was fantastic – creamy, smooth, and chocolatey, with a hint of coffee flavour. Definitely no punishing your tastebuds here.

We bought some hand made chocolates to take home, because I am a bad, bad girl who likes to mess with my insulin levels. The Hazelnut Cup was my favourite, and was filled with a whipped hazelnut chocolate filling; the Cookies & Cream cup was delicious and had a filling that reminded me of icing; the Peanut Butter Fudge was a bit average, and the filling was too sugary and not buttery enough; the Black Forest Bomb had a liquor-like bite to it; and the Sticky Date Fudge was amazing. The smooth chocolate filling hid a very strong date and caramel flavour.

Monty’s Chocolates definitely satisfies a sweet tooth and is a cute spot for a coffee and truffle. If you’re into that kind of thing.

Monty’s Chocolates

Cafe & Chocolate Shop

155 Latrobe Terrace


07 3369 3135

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  1. I think you have found your calling as a Mills and Boon romance writer!

  2. ally says:

    I know right. I think my main character will be Antonio – a misunderstood Spanish pool boy, who secretly is a brilliant poet and viola player.

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