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I feel like there are two categories of people in this world: cyclists and runners. Not too fond of the way my ass looks in spandex, I am a runner. I proudly pound the pavement, bits jiggling everywhere, sweating my little heart out, and ignoring the fact that every kilometre brings me closer to a knee reconstruction.

I know there are people who enjoy both activities, but when you hit a run/cycle track, you can definitely sense the separation. And I’m just going to say it: there is some animosity. Not from everyone, sure, but I know that a lot of cyclists think they are better than runners, and that a lot of runners scoff at those who are bike-bound.

I don’t have a problem with cyclists per se, but they intimidate me when they whiz by in ultra-fit packs, taut bums in the air, taunting me with their firmness.

That was why D warned me recently as we were about to visit Espresso Garage, a cafe in South Bank: “It is a cyclist hangout.”

And sure enough, there they all were: lapping up the sunshine at the few tables Espresso Garage has, admiring the pretty view of South Bank, reading the basic but thoughtful menu, chatting with the friendly waitstaff, and stretching out their legs with their perfect patellas inside.

I, in my little running shoes and sweaty hair, cautiously sat down and let D order. He had been raving about Espresso Garage’s avocado toast, so we shared an order. A thick serve of toasted turkish bread was served with half an avocado, and a little tub of tomato salsa. This salsa was crazy good: sweet, salty, spicy, hearty, and it paired so well with the avo. This was simple food, but done so freaking well. A bit of salt and pepper on top brought out the flavours even more. I know people might think avo toast is not rocket science, but food like this is surprisingly difficult to do well. Take vegemite toast: no one makes it better than your mum, correct?

The coffees were pretty good too; my skim capp was smooth and had a lovely after taste, and D’s flat white was milky and tasty. But the winner here really was the toast. This toast could write tax returns; it could prevent stock market crashes and win presidential elections. It could, even, narrow the divide between cyclists and runners. If there’s one thing that can draw the two of us to the same place willingly, it will be this avocado toast.

Espresso Garage

176 Grey St

South Bank

(07) 3846 6162

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3 Responses

  1. oo I love some good avo toast- I’ll have to stop by some time. And I know a few places that are cyclist hangouts that I prefer not to frequent until they are all gone!

  2. Jane says:

    I am definitely with you in the runner camp and also tend to avoid cafes with packs of cyclists. I just don’t get the spandex.
    Your review has put Espresso Garage straight to the top of my to-do list. I want some of that avocado toast- now!

  3. ally says:

    Tee he he. I confess I wear spandex occasionally.

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