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D and I are a little bit competitive. I blame the fact that neither of us were competitive with our respective siblings growing up. I was the cute little sister, whose eight-year-old brother changed her diapers, and D was the annoying, creepy eldest brother in his family.

So, it made sense that at a recent pizza making class – which the folk at Vapiano so kindly invited me to – we were trying to out-do eachother with our pizzas.

Step 1: Kneading.

It started with kneading some of Vapiano’s freshly made dough. D had a go first at shaping the semolina/flour based dough in a pizza base shape. The semolina gives the dough a bit of a crunch to it. D’s result on his kneading? All good except for a gaping hole in the centre.

I stepped up to the plate, put the guns to work, and banged out a pretty good hole-free base.

Verdict: Ally – 1. D – 0.

Step 2: Flipping and Spinning.

Next up, Tomic – one of Vapiano’s skilled chefs – showed us how to spin the doughy discs high into the air, shaping them out even more. These guys know what they’re doing – during one of their busiest services, they banged out over 700 pizzas.

I gave mine a tentative, girlish little hoist into the air. Pretty sub-par, but at least I didn’t drop it.

Verdict: Unknown! D tells me he threw his high up into the air. I was busy eyeing off the cabinets of fresh pasta and didn’t notice.

Step 3: The Sauce.

The Vapiano boys showed us how to expertly swirl tomato sauce onto our bases. Make sure you do it quickly, otherwise the bases will start to get soggy if they’re left out too long. No one likes a soggy base.

I was quite chuffed with my efforts: the key is to start in the middle and slowly spiral your way out. D gave it a try, and sucked.

Verdict: Ally – 2. D – 0.

Step 4: The Toppings.

I started to panic a bit when faced with the sheer variety of toppings. Parma ham, smoked cheese, fresh buffalo mozarella, prawns?? The choices. I blindly threw a whole bunch of stuff on my pizza and hoped for the best. Meanwhile, D was assembling the most boring pizza ever. There were essentially scraps of vegies and a crapload of cheese.

Verdict: Draw. I think we both failed.

Step 5: The Taste.

The pizzas cooked for about five minutes, then we garnished them with fresh rocket, parma, and other herbs and spices. Once again, I blindly threw parma and rocket on. D carefully assembled parma on his too. Then we ate.

Verdict: Ally – 2. D – 2.

I have to give D an extra point because his pizza (left) was so much better than mine. As I suspected, my pizza (right) was thoroughly confused. The mish mash of ingredients I’d thrown on had resulted in something that was tasty, but weird. In fact, the best pizza of the night was one the Vapiano guys had made for us as a demo – it simply had pesto, fresh chopped spinach, and cheese on it. This is keeping with the true Italian roots of pizza: simple, fresh, quality ingredients.

Overall Verdict

So, it is to my disgust that I announce a draw with D on our pizza making class. This pains me, but at least he didn’t win. I suppose we’ll just have to have a re-match…


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  1. Looking at this again, and it does look really fun! Wishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I was there to eat although Camp probably would have wanted to show off his skills!

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