There is this certain pub that I go to a lot. It starts with a ‘R’ and ends with an ‘E’. Over the years it has started to lose its appeal very slowly. The beer is shit. It’s not very cheap anymore. Intermittently, it smells like vomit. The 18-year-olds with their lithe bodies, metabolisms still in check, make me feel insecure. But all my friends go there, and thus I suck it up and go too.
Not anymore. Last week D and I sat at Archive in West End, looking around in awe like little kids. We ticked off¬† the beer house/bar’s positive points: it’s cheap (hello, Little Creatures pots for $4??). It’s nice (no vomit smells here). It’s comfy (couches! Win!) It’s got the best fries I’ve ever had (with aioli too). It’s got a massive range of good, quality beers.

We turned to each other. Why the hell do we go to the other place for?

Archive is, in a word, EPIC. I love it. I love it so much, I’d like to roll around on the bar and drink White Rabbit straight from the taps. I want to prance around on the large outdoor deck and order pork belly for everyone. I want to stuff my face with beer-battered, thick, crispy but not greasy chips and rub aioli all over my body. I want to do a little jig because finally, FINALLY a pub exists that is nice and sells all of the wheat beer a girl could want.

Archive beerWe tried several beers while we were there, although we found it hard to choose from Archive’s extensive list. The Sunshine Coast Summer Ale ($6) was just okay – it had a nice citrus aftertaste but was a bit bland. The Stone & Wood Pale Lager ($4 for a pot) was lemony with a bitter edge. The Burleigh Pale Ale ($6) also had a bitter taste, with a spicey finish.

The Wicked Elf Witbier ($9) was awesome, and is definitely one of my new favourites. The Sunshine Coast Chilli Beer ($6) was indeed very spicy and hot – there’s actually a whole chilli stuffed into the bottle! Think Stone’s Ginger Beer but without the sweetness. Finally, D won with the beer of the night: Hargreaves Hefe Weize ($7). There were notes of vanilla in this incredibly smooth and clean-tasting wheat/white beer.

I could sit here and rave on about Archive forever. I could also mull about the fact that it’s sad that a bar that specialises in craft beer is a rarity in Brisbane. I could also puruse the beer-inspired menu thoroughly, planning what dish to get on my next visit (I think the Ginger Kegs Roasted Pork Belly). I could also talk more about the beer-flavoured ice cream that head chef Matija Stefancic handed out to people waiting at the bar (doesn’t taste like beer. It tastes like awesome).

Whatever. Just GO. Go to Archive, now.


Bar/pub/beer boutique

100 Boundary St, West End

07 3844 3419

Archive Beer Boutique and Bistro on Urbanspoon

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