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Who watches Man Vs. Food? It’s AMAZING. I totally have a crush on Adam Richmond. He is the biggest ladies man, and it’s not hard to see why. The man knows every delicious food joint in North America – actually, probably the world. Anyway, Adam is always moaning over pulled pork. Pulled pork is very popular in Southern USA y’all, and involves slow-cooking pork until it’s so tender it can literally be ‘pulled’ off Sir Oinksalot.

D loves these slightly pornographic images of pulled pork. Whenever they come on the screen, he clutches my arm and looks very flustered. Unfortunately, pulled pork has been neigh impossible to find in Australia. So, when we went to FaB Burgers the other night, we were both pretty excited to see it on the menu.

D went for the ‘Miss Piggy’, a burger with pulled pork, lettuce, tomato, apple chutney, and aioli ($13, above). I decided on the ‘Blues Brother’, which had a beef patty, blue cheese, roast pumpkin, and tomato ($12, top left).

Our burgers arrived and D happily tucked in to his precious pulled pork, happily chewing away. My burger was solid. The beef patty was lean and flavoursome, and paired well with the pumpkin and melty blue cheese. I can’t complain about the burger, but it didn’t really blow me away either; it was tasty, but not out-of-this-world.

D’s burger was tops. The pulled pork was piled high on the bun, and was succulent and tender. The apple chutney was an absolute perfect match. Oinking good.

Kudos must go to FaB for their terrific beer selection. They feature all the old favourites, as well as craft and microbrew varities. We got the Feral Beglian White Beer ($7.50), which I pronounced my new favourite beer, and the Red Duck Pale Ale. It’s stupidly hard to find craft and wheat beer in Brisbane eateries (hell, even bars), so this was awesome.

We also go the chips with aioli ($6), which were fine; again, nothing to complain about, but nothing mind blowing (yes, potato products can be mind blowing). The aioli was tasty, and there was a generous serve so we weren’t fighting over it.

While the beef burger at FaB was pretty standard, they really must be applauded for featuring such rarities as pulled pork and craft beer. It may have been saved me from a life time of D moaning about the lack of pulled pork in his life. I thank you for that, FaB.


Fish and Burger Grill

11/5-61 Petrie Terrace (The Barracks)
(07) 3367 8088

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  1. Ohgosh- I’m glad that D enjoyed his pulled pork burger, I chose the same when I visited FaB a while ago and was a little nonplussed. Maybe I should give it another go!

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