Christmas 2010!

The fat man in red is coming! No, this is not a sick pet name I have for D – I’m of course referring to Santa. Christmas is a little over a week away. This means presents. This means FOOD. Below, a guide to both.

1. A gift that keeps on giving. Look, I can be a little cheap. I take more straws than I really need at McDonalds. I devour the backs of dockets, hoping to find a coffee coupon. And those little shampoo bottles in hotel rooms are just fair game.

So when I heard about the new Voucherbook, I was pretty excited. The Voucherbook contains coupons for 2-4-1 meals for a variety of excellent restaurants. The good people at Voucherbook sent me one recently*, and I was impressed to see some pretty good restaurants participating, including: Aqua Linea; Eve’s on the River; Mado; and Mundo Churrasco. While the Voucherbook is pretty small (only 25 restaurants), it’s also pretty cheap – $29.90. An excellent gift idea for the foodies in your life!

2. Screw the kitchen. I love cooking, but you know what? Sometimes I can’t be stuffed. Sometimes, I don’t feel like slaving away in a hot kitchen, feeling the sweat droplets pool near the tie of my apron. If you’re the same, why not check out a restaurant for Christmas Day lunch? My picks: Sake ($150); Gusto da Gianni ($69); and Jellyfish ($150).

3. Shop. Simple as that. The Southbank Christmas night markets are always a favourite – they’re on from 4pm-9pm, Monday 20 December to Thursday 23 December.

4. BAKE. Forget what I said about slaving away in a kitchen. Christmas gives you a licence to cook, and to eat as much raw batter as you like. The Women’s Weekly 12 Days of Christmas Cookbook can be used either as a gift, or for your own pleasure. Get your sticky hands all over the pages, now!

5. Brownies. Yes, these deserve their own category. You all know I LOVE Dello Mano brownies. They’ve released a special Christmas Pudding brownie, which has flavours of brandy, spices, and fruit – and LOTS of chocolate. They’re around $7. D actually bought one the other day, but I’m yet to try it because he FORGOT to bring it home. Yes, again.

Got any other ideas for Christmas gifts and eating? Leave a comment!

*Thanks to Voucherbook for my, um, Voucherbook. Yes, it was free. No, I am not a sell-out. Yes, I don’t care for rude commenters informing me I’m a sell-out.

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  1. ha ha ha- I got a voucherbook too so will have to check it out. Have you used yet?

  2. ally says:

    Not yet! Aqua Linea is quite tempting…

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