The Gunshop Cafe

D and I have one regret about our recent trip to New York. Cupcakes.

“I cannot BELIEVE we split that cupcake.”

“I am never splitting a Magnolia cupcake with you again.”

Yes, it would seem our newly greedy selves are disgusted that we shared a famed Magnolia cupcake. I don’t know where the hell that self-restraint came from, but suffice to say it’s been pretty absent lately.

Somehow, we dug deep and found that sharing vibe on a recent trip to The Gunshop Cafe for breakfast. I was worried we’d have to join a huge line up, but we only had to wait for about 10 minutes before our friendly waiter showed us to a nice outdoor table.

Both of our eyes immediately zeroed in on the Canadian brioche french toast with bacon, caramelized banana, pecans and maple syrup ($17.50). We both wanted it. However, I was neither starving nor hungover, and also thought the simple Sonoma spelt maple & almond muesli with d’agen prunes and ‘barambah’ natural yoghurt ($9.5o) sounded good.


I suggested we order both and share. D agreed, pouting. I admit, when the french toast arrived I had to stop myself from dashing off with it. Thick slices of maple syrup-drenched, fluffy brioche were the anchor to a tower of bacon, gooey banana, and perfectly toasted pecans.

I started in on the muesli first, which was a very generous serve (it’s under the ‘light’ heading, but it’s definitely a hearty meal). The prunes were a great touch, transforming what could be just an average (albeit tasty) bowl of muesli into something gourmet.

I couldn’t wait until it was time to swap, and eagerly dug into my half of the french toast. Now – here we go – are you ready?

Best French Toast EVER.

This french toast is no joke. Brioche is hands-down the perfect bread for this dish. The slices were cooked perfectly, with a crispy golden crust and fluffy inside. The combination of banana, bacon, pecan, and maple is just insanely perfect. I moaned my way through this dish.

Afterwards I was feeling pretty full – the french toast may be no joke but it is rich. Wasn’t splitting it such a good idea? I asked D.

D begrudgingly agreed. “I could still eat the whole thing myself. I still want to next time,” he frowned.

This was one instance when I didn’t regret flexing my willpower and sharing muscle, but for all of you out there who aren’t so strong: get into it and enjoy every damn bite.

The Gunshop Cafe

53 Mollison Street, West End

07 3844 2241

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2 Responses

  1. I love The Gunshop Cafe and go there often for breakfast. I mostly always have poached eggs with bacon and tomato on sourdough, hold the hollandaise. Sometimes I’ll add a potato hash cake. mmmm. I’ll definitely have to go with hubby one weekend as he would love the French toast and then I can have a taste (I don’t have a sweet tooth).

  2. ally says:

    Mel the french toast is insane!! I’m a sweet breakfast girl myself – although that potato hash cake sounds enticing…

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