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I’m really desperate for more suburban (heck, not even – even inner city will do) bars. You know, for those nights when you don’t really want to deal with dudes in tight Elwood tees who think everyone is trying to “start” them, or the hour wait for a cab home. Those nights when you just want to stroll down to a cute and cosy bar; one that is comfortable, but still chic enough so you feel you’re several steps above chugging the Fruity Lexia on the couch in your pjs.

The Lark has all that, and more. This Paddington bar looks quite un-assuming from the front, but inside is a dark and cosy space that is surprisingly bigger than it seems.

We started with cocktails – a Tahoma Stone Sour for me ($16, Jose Cuervo Tequila and Quince Liqueur shaken with Blood Orange and Lemon; scented with Basil), and a Star Hill Cobbler for D

($16, Maker’s Mark , White Chocolate with Fresh Pink Grapefruit Juice, Pomegranate). D’s drink was refreshing, although I couldn’t detect the white chocolate. My cocktail was tangy and slightly sweet, with a kick from the tequila – I quite liked it.

After that, we moved on to a wine for me ($10 for a glass of a Riesling – sorry, can’t remember the name), and a beer for D (around $9 – Lord Nelson Three Sheets Pale Ale). I realise that The Lark specialises in cocktails. But seriously – the wine list isn’t great. I was under the impression that there were only about six wines available (written up on the chalk board above the bar), plus a few champagnes and dessert wines. That’s it. Wtf? Someone please, please correct me if I’m wrong.

The wine list may be so-so, but the beer list is worse. There, I’m being totally honest. Again, I don’t have the menu in front of me, but from memory there were about 8-9 beers – this could be fine, but there wasn’t a lot of variety in the types of beers. No wheat beers, for one. Nothing on tap. Yes, there were some craft beers, which is great, but…

My grumbles about the beer list were quickly silenced when a Wagyu slider ($7.50) was placed before me. This mini burger, filled with buffalo fetta, jalapeno wagyu beef, and tomato relish, was one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. Such a good size too – two of those would be a perfect dinner.

We also ordered the chips with gorgonzola sauce ($7). Also pretty life-changing. I’m upset no one has ever given me melted gorgonzola, served over a bowl of hot salty carbs before. It’s genius, and delicious.

The service was a bit up and down during our visit – when we arrived, the bartender was fantastic and immediately took our orders, but then he disappeared…and it was a bit of a problem getting more drinks.

The Lark is a great place for a quiet drink, a meal, or a big night. A few more beers added to the list, and it would be perfect; but there are so few good suburban bars like this one, that I’m happy to let it slide.

The Lark

Bar and restaurant

1/267 Given Terrace
Paddington QLD 4064
(07) 3369 1299

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