A-dawg Abroad

Friends, I am leaving Brisbane and will be living in Canada for the next 1-2 years. What does this mean? Well, apart from my bank account being raped by Abercrombie & Fitch, and my insulin levels going haywire with too much maple syrup, EDB will have a few changes…
Will EatDrinkBrisbane still be running?

Yes! I will keep EDB running even though I won’t be living in Brisbane. It’s a fantastic resource for foodies, and provided reviews aren’t too old, it will always be useful.

Will you still post?

Sort of. I’ve got a few reviews scheduled to post throughout the first month I’m away. After that, I may pop in. I like to keep EDB about Brisbane, so it’s unlikely you’ll find a review for poutine, but you never know.

Who will write posts?

Here is where I extend my grubby, chocolate-stained paw to YOU. Do you want to write a review and have it posted on a site that gets several thousand hits a month? Yes? Well, send me something! I’ll publish reviews that are well-written, funny, and fair, as long as they’re about a Brisbane restaurant/cafe/bar/food product, and are accompanied by decent photographs (no McDonalds). There are a few perks along with this too – you might get sent to restaurant openings, or receive products to try. Yay! Email eatdrinkbris@gmail.com for more info, or to just blindly send something in.

I’m a PR person. Should I not contact you anymore?

Yes, still contact eatdrinkbris@gmail.com if you’ve got foodie news or would like to invite someone to review something! I’ll hopefully have a few mini Allys who are happy to write for the site while I’m away.

Are you starting a blog in Canada?

Yes! www.eatdrinktoronto.net It is early stages yet, but it’s up and I’m posting to it!

You’re a pretty good writer. Can I like, pay you to edit or write some stuff?

Certainly. Visit www.allytutkaluk.wordpress.com

Will you send us maple fudge in the mail?

Customs might not like that. I’m trying for Ryan Reynolds though.


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