This post is way, way overdue – in fact, it’s been so long since my visit to Canvas that I feel I need to put some sort of disclaimer in here. But, I have the feeling it won’t be necessary, and that it will just be as awesome five months later (I know, I know. I’ve been busy. Did I mention I’m writing this from Canada? Yes, you’re cutting into my maple syrup drinking time, so be grateful).

Ol’ pal GG and I were guests of Canvas several months ago when we visited to sample their World Class competition sangrita cocktails (read about that here). Canvas is a lovely little bar – it’s small and cosy, and has a pumping vibe yet still manages to feel homely.

I don’t know about you, but whenever I drink alcohol it’s like my stomach is jealous that my blood alcohol level is getting some love. It must be fed. Therefore, I was more than happy to try some of Canvas’ tapas-style snacks. We ordered artichokes; goat cheese; and some jamon and fig skewers. The skewers were definitely my favourite – the jamon had a spicy finish that contrasted sharply with the sweet figs.

Canvas also have an insane drink menu – just try to pick a cocktail in less than five minutes. Service is friendly and swift, and there are comfy booth seats (although bear in mind it’s a pretty small bar).

Canvas has only been open for less than a year, but it’s not hard to see why it’s already a popular West End bar. I am so thrilled to see more places like this in Brisbane popping up. Power to the small cosy bars! Power to awesome cocktail lists! Power to jamon!

Now, if you’ll excuse me – I’ve got to get back to my maple hunt (something I definitely won’t be putting off for five months…)



16B Logan Road, Woolloongabba

(07) 3891 2111

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