Friday’s Waterline Restaurant

Everyone, welcome this week’s guest poster, Lynne! Lynne is a Brisbane lady who does nice things like take her daughter out for dinner. Hint hint, Momma T. Enjoy, and thanks for the post Lynne. Sorry guys, no pictures in this review.


My daughter and I went to Fridays Waterline Restaurant in the CBD one Saturday night for tea. We booked for 5:30 pm so as to avoid the busy rush, and were pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere at Fridays. It was semi busy but very efficient.

We were greeted and taken to our booked table at the window, and the view of the Storey Bridge was just stunning! We ordered drinks and chatted for about 5 mins before the waitress came back and asked if we were ready to order – I thought that was good timing as we were about ready and had a few questions about the menu.

I ordered the Prawn & Lobster Bisque Risotto.  It was very tasty, but a downside was the peas – they were a bit hard and there were too many of them; they sort of overpowered flavour of the risotto. Marissa ordered a Rib Fillet steak, which came with two sides. She chose french beans with pesto, and crisp Italian potatoes with a pepper sauce. Her steak was cooked to perfection (medium rare) and had a lovely flavour, and the beans and potatoes were also great.

For dessert I chose the Classic Lemon Tart with vanilla bean ice cream and Lemon Dust*.

Marissa chose a Vanilla Bean Panacotta with Strawberry salad. Both desserts were stunningly presented and tasted wonderful.

All in all it was a great meal and i would definitely go there again. My score: 9/10!



(Lemon dust! What is this magical lemon dust? It sounds exciting, like what would happen if a fairy got too much gas after eating a lot of lemons. No? – Ally)


Friday’s Waterline Restaurant

123 Eagle St, Brisbane CBD

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