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It’s getting cold in Brisbane, huh? What is it, 18, 20c during the day? You’ve got to throw on a sweater? Poor darlings. (Come to Toronto in January when your boogers freeze and then come talk to me). Not to worry – there’s a slew of foodie events in Brisbane on to warm your spirit.


1. Winter Festival in Brisbane

King George Square is heating up this winter with the Winter Festival, on until June 26. Gourmet winter food, cosy indoor fires, and a Lipton Chai Latte Lodge will be welcome refreshment after you’ve been ripping it up on the outdoor ice skating rink. There will also be dishes from over 20 winter-y countries, as well as “Skate and Date” packages that feature food and wine. Visit http://www.winterfestival.com.au/brisbane.html


2. 1920’s Gangsters & Molls Prohibition Dinner

Contrary to the popular belief of 12-year-olds, ‘moll’ is not just an insult you scream across the playground. Molls, join some gangsters and flappers and enjoy a delicious dinner, dancing, drinks, prizes,jazz, and entertainment. It’s on July 5;  visit http://eventful.com/brisbane/events/1920s-gangsters-molls-prohibition-dinner-/E0-001-037339016-5 for more info.


3. Teneriffe Festival

The annual Teneriffe Festival is on again. Dish Bistro will be serving ‘Feast on Florence St’, served at communal tables – just how they do it at festivals in Southern Europe. There are two sessions – lunch at 2pm and dinner at 6pm, with four courses and matching wines. It’s on Saturday, July 2 – visit www.teneriffefestival.org


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