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Oh hai!!! I’m just checking in. Here are some wonderful, new, exciting things to tell you all:

1) Have you checked out www.eatdrinkgoldcoast.com lately? My brilliant guest poster, Simon, has written a fab review about a brekkie spot, Barefoot Barista.

2) I have added new location categories! So this means next time you urgently need salmon sushi, like NOW, you can quickly find out if you’re close to one. I haven’t finished them all yet, but I’m getting there. Thanks to reader Jared for giving me the kick in the pants I needed to get it going.

3) I’m coming to for a visit Brisbane soon! Yay! This really shouldn’t interest anyone, apart from Sing‘s, as I plan to eat them out of their supply of Pad Thai. Soz.

4) Did you know I blog in Canada? This is not news. This is shameless self-promotion.



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  1. Um SIngs and maybe someone who lives quite close to Sings! When are you coming? xx

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