Silverwood Organics Dinner

The kind folks at Silverwood Organics invited Simon over to a customer appreciation night.

In my opinion, when you are invited to an “Evening of wine and lamb”, there really is only two things that you can do… the first is to say “Yes please!”, and the second is to work out as to how you are going to handle the way your mouth is watering with anticipation for an event that is still a couple of weeks away!

Many bibs and disturbed looks from workmates later, I finally walked into Moda Restaurant (the successful evolution of the original Gianni’s Restaurant) with my beautiful wife. We ascended the stairs to the Wine Room where we were greeted by Maree King, one of the directors of Silverwood Organics. Maree and her husband Andrew run the “Silverwood” and “Westfield” stations (about 65km south east of Longreach) as pastures for Dorper lambs, which are bred specifically for their quality meat. These animals are raised organically on the open mitchell grass plains of Western Queensland, and no chemicals are used in their production system.

Annually, Silverwood Organics holds evenings like this as a “thank you” to their valued customers. It also provides a great opportunity for Maree and Andrew to meet their customers face-to-face, and to share their passion for organic produce.

The first of our tasty lamb morsels was Loin of Lamb Montadito with Chimi Churri and Smoked Vegetables served on toasted ciabatta, which was quickly followed by skewers of Lamb Tenderloin with a dollop of Burnt Eggplant puree, resting on a smear of Hummus. Both dishes showcased the tenderness and flavour of the lamb, and were immediate hits with the guests.

Silverwood organicsThe next dish brought around was Lamb Cutlets with curry and Moroccan flavours. This was complemented with a side dish of Israeli Couscous with candied orange, tomato and fresh coriander. The meat was succulent and well-highlighted by the gentle Moroccan flavours, and the couscous provided a welcome pause between the servings of lamb.

As the wine and beer flowed, and the tasty morsels were consumed, it was inevitable that the guests would start to mingle more. We met a number of people who were incredibly enthusiastic in their support of Silverwood Organics produce. None more so than Javier Codina, Chef de Cuisine of Moda Restaurant, and the creator of the evening’s dishes. Javier determined the various cuts he would require for the evening, and Silverwood Organics were happy to let him have complete freedom with creating the dishes. It was faith well placed, as he brought out a series of clay pots, which he broke open to reveal whole racks of lamb that had been immersed in Adobo, them wrapped in baking paper. As the racks were sliced into individual cutlets, the onlooking crowd was entranced at the sight and smell of perfectly cooked lamb. We were rewarded with an incredibly tender taste of lamb, its natural flavours delicately highlighted by the Adobo (a Spanish marinade).

Our final dish was a slice of Catalan Pie, filled with braised lamb and cannellini beans. The meat dissolved in your mouth, with the spices conjuring thoughts of what family dinners would be like in northern Spain. While it was definitely a home-style dish, it presented the great flavours of the organic lamb magnificently .

If you ever get the opportunity to try lamb from Silverwood Organics, grab it with both hands and enjoy it. If you are a fan of organic produce and like supporting a family business, take the time to visit their website.

– Simon


Silverwood Organics

“Westfield” Longreach QLD 4730

(07) 4658 9120


Moda Restaurant

12 Edward Street Brisbane QLD 4000

(07) 3221 7655






Simon was a guest of Silverwood Organics. Many thanks, Silverwood!

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