Quick Bites: The Beer Revolution

I am BURSTING with excitement right now. Why? Well, I’m living in Canada right now. It’s no secret to a lot of our Canadian friends that D and I have turned into beer maestros. The beer here is wonderful. A huge variety of craft brews is available at bottle shops everywhere. Dozens of bars across the city specialize in the stuff. American, Irish, Scottish, Canadian beers, whatever – it’s here.

I’ve started to get a bit depressed about going back to Australia. Oh sure, there’s Archive to go to, there’s Feral to buy from First Choice, there’s even Nectar if I’m feeling a bit rich. But the truth is, Australia (particularly Brisbane) has been stupidly slow to jump on the craft/quality/specialty beer train (props go to guys like Matt Kirkegaard who hosts events like Good Beer Lunches).

But I am feeling some hope. I have just discovered these four things:

1) The Scratch at Milton. I idly clicked over to The Scratch’s website, not knowing what to expect. Hmm. They have rotating taps. Interesting. I clicked over to their beer list. Sam Adams. Brooklyn. Cool. Wait – is that Sierra Nevada? Innis & Gunn? Beer that is actually above 6%? IPAs?? I started yelling at D and waved my hands incoherently. He looked at their website, understood my reaction, and we both starting jumping up and down. “It’s starting! It’s starting!” I yelled, as we bounced around. Needless to say I will be heading straight to The Scratch when I return to Brisbane.

2) Queensland Beer Week. This is a variety of events celebrating beer in Queensland from July 16-22. I seriously did a double take when I read about this. A beer festival, in Queensland? That involves such cool brewers as Burleigh Brewing and Stone & Wood? I urge you to buy a ticket to one of these sessions so that the event can come back next year!

3) The Villager. I’ll be heading straight over here after The Scratch. Leffe! White Rabbit! Erdinger! Whee!

4. Brisbane Brewing Co. Finally, Brisbane gets its own little craft brewery!
And, finally, a shameless plug for me:

4) BrewQuest. This is a new little side project D and I are working on. It’s basically a big beer search engine. It’s designed to take the guess work out of choosing a beer – do you want something cheap? Something that goes with sushi? Something that’s cheap AND goes with sushi? You get the idea.

It’s still in its infancy, but check it out and let me know what you think. I’ll be blogging over there too.


Bravo, Brisbane! I am so excited to get back and dig into this emerging beer scene. It’s about bloody time.

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  1. Tommy says:

    A new craft brewery is opening in one of the old warehouse / wool stores in Teneriffe, Brissie. Called Green Beacon Brewing Co and is getting some good press – expect big things! Aug / sept?

  2. Ray says:

    The bad news is Nectar closed its doors in West End about a year ago. The good news is you can add Bitter Suite in New Farm, Brew in Albert Street and Underbelly in Queen Street in the city to your list of ‘must get to’s.

    • ally says:

      You’re kidding! That sucks about Nectar 🙁 But seems like new places are making up for it. Thanks for letting me know about these ones 🙂

  3. Melanie says:

    Love the name ‘Bitter Suite’ that’s awesome. So my dear, you’ll have to take me on a Brisbane Beer Tour sometime this fall…:)

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