HelloFresh launched in Brisbane recently, after a successful stint in Sydney.   Started by former MasterChef contestant Tom Rutledge, HelloFresh promises a different food-delivery experience: fresh ingedients and recipes are delivered to subscriber doorsteps, allowing them to make tasty meals in 30 minutes or less.

I’m a peanut butter-on-toast-is-a-quick-meal kinda girl, so I had a chat to Tom recently to find out just what makes HelloFresh so cool.

Tom Rutledge

How did HelloFresh come about – what gave you the urge to start it?

The urge came hot in the heels of my brief MasterChef experience. I was looking to start a business that allowed people to enjoy cooking by removing a lot of the leg work. Cooking a quick healthy meal after work should be accessible but for a lack of time or inspiration, it quite often is not.


Where do you source most of the HelloFresh ingredients (i.e. farmer’s markets, supermarkets, independent suppliers, etc?)

all of our suppliers are family owned businesses that deal directly with producers. We love dealing with these companies because they’re flexible, have amazing product and it’s early important to us that those that do all the hard work of producing the produce get a fair price.


I’m a pretty lazy cook. What’s your quickest, easiest recipe?

All of our recipes are pretty straight forward. There’s no point in providing a grocery delivery service as a convenience when the meal then take forever to make. That said, you’ll be surprised what you can come up with in half an hour with minimum fuss.  All of our recipes can be made in 30 minutes or less!


Take me through what goes into creating a HelloFresh recipe.

They need to be seasonal -both in terms of ingredients and the sort of meals we feel like eating – quick, healthy, and light on the washing up! I also spend a lot of time making sure there is good variety – Italian, Thai, French, Japanese, Moroccan, Cajun – you name it – all provide inspiration are in pretty high rotation.   We also have a new vegetarian service containing only vegetarian recipes!


Any plans to expand the recipes to cater to our gluten-intolerant friends?

Yes there are. But for the time being the joy is that all of our ingredients, as well as being precisely portioned are also individually packed so there is every opportunity to omit or substitute as required.


What’s your favourite HelloFresh recipe?

Prawn saganaki. It’s a delicious Greek dish of prawns baked in a rich tomato sauce topped with crumbed feta and fresh parsley. It seems more like holiday food than something you can knock up on a Tuesday night.


Before HelloFresh, what was your go-to, lazy quick meal? (Canned Spag-a-Saurus doesn’t count).

Sausages. I’m mad about a good snag.


Wise words. For more info about HelloFresh, visit their website at www.hellofresh.com.au


(Note: no compensation was received for writing about HelloFresh. I just like to help a brother out).

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  1. Richard says:

    Very original !
    How flexible is it? Do we have to order every week or is it automatic?
    I always have trouble finding ideas of what to eat.
    Is there a voucher code we could use for a first try?

  2. Charles says:

    Tom Rutledge is so talented and business-oriented. His stint on MasterChef has led him to a promising business venture.

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