The Scratch

Hello friends! I’m back in Brisbane. Within five minutes of stepping off the plane last month, I had my priorities already mapped out in my head:

1) Give Momma T a bear hug. Try not to crush the poor woman.

2) Buy Coles’ full stock of Black Forest Cadbury.

3) Try The Scratch.

Number 1 and 2 were knocked off that first day (great); and I made it to The Scratch within the week (not good).

Why not good? Because The Scratch is so awesome, I wish I’d made a beeline for it the day I arrived, jetlag and all.

The Scratch inside

The Scratch’s comfy, big couches would have soothed my tired bones. Their friendly bartenders would have perked up my grumpy, sleep-deprived self. And their wonderful beer list would have made my parched, dehydrated throat very, very happy.

It’s about time Brisbane started getting cool little craft beer-centric bars like this one. There are a handful of beers on tap, as well as a long list of Australian, international, and rare/limited edition brews. And, yes, there’s wine, cider, and spirits too.

While at The Scratch we three different beers – a Cavalier Pale Ale; a Rocks IPA; and a Lobethal Xmas Ale.

The Xmas Ale was awesome. It was spicy, sweet, and had a strong cinnamon flavour. It reminded me of brandy, but it was surprisingly not too heavy for the warm weather.

The Cavalier was a pretty standard pale ale; light, refreshing, and a slight lemony taste. We liked the Rocks IPA a lot more – it was super hoppy but still refreshing, with a sort of biscuit-y taste.

The friendly bartender actually gave us a little sample of the Rocks before we ordered, which was a nice touch.

The Scratch is pretty small with minimal seating, and at 4pm on a Saturday there were only around three or four seats free. Having said that, people seem to move through fairly quickly.

I, however, had a hard time leaving that slouchy, comfy couch.

Whether you’re jetlagged or not, you’ll likely find The Scratch is a welcome addition to the Park Road strip.


The Scratch


8/1 Park Road, Milton

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  1. Looks like the perfect bar to me. Small, unique with lounges to sit on. Perfect for a cold bevy.

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