Apertivio Hour with Campari

I’ve got one arm around the waist of a pleasant young man who isn’t my boyfriend. The other arm is clutching a silver bar behind my back. My butt crack is most definitely on display for all to see, and I’ve got a lot of car drivers staring at me.

So began my Italian adventure the other night, thanks to Campari. It was all a part of their campaign for ‘Apertivio Hour’, and it started with a scooter ride through town to Bravo.

Campari Vespa scooters

Needless to say scootin’ around Brisbane with two friends was pretty bloody fun. Especially when we caught up to another group on scooters – there the six of us perched at the stop light, tooting away to eachother. Not sure how Italian this kind of obnoxious behaviour was, but damn, it was fun.

Anyway – we were dropped at Bravo in the Valley, and were introduced to three cocktails that would be ideal to relax with during Apertivio Hour.

Aperitivo Hour is a chance to relax before dinner with a drink and a snack – it’s a chance to catch up with friends at the end of the day, and enjoy a light refreshment.

Campari cocktails at Hotel Bravo

We kicked our Hour off with the ‘Classic Cin Cin’ (pictured at top). Made with Cinzano Vianco, dry ginger ale, cucumber, and lemon, it was super refreshing and made me feel healthy with the addition of cuke.

The second, ‘Aperol Spritz’ was a bit sweeter – it had Prosseco, Aperol, and a dash of soda. I also really liked this one. It was actually my first time trying Aperol, an Italian aperitif that is very similar to Campari in taste and look – except it’s half the alcohol content.

Campari highball

Finally, we tried the ‘Campari Highball’ (above) – simply Campari, fresh orange juice, soda, and ice. As someone who’s new to the over-powering taste of Campari, this was a little much for me, but D enjoyed it. I liked the fact that it would be super easy to replicate at home, though.

After our cocktails we chowed down on one of the best platters I’ve had – it was full of juicy chorizo, super fresh mozzarella; roasted vegies that were smokey and moreish; and chunky little meatballs. Bravo! (See what I did there?)

Thank you Campari and Bravo, for hosting our Italian experience!


For more information about Campari, visit their website.

Hotel Bravo
Restaurant & Bar
455 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley
(07) 3852 3533


Disclaimer: Representatives from Campari contacted me and offered me the chance to try ‘The Italian Experience’. I wrote this review of my own accord.

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