Blake & Taylor

We all have our little ‘things’ that we do to make us relax, right? Some people enjoy spas. Some work out (?). Other people get a massage, or hit a round of golf.

I like to eat cake and read trashy magazines. I swear to God, plonk an issue of NW and a piece of cheesecake in front of me and I’ll be silent for the next two hours, only to emerge in a serene, peaceful state of utter happiness.

So, on a recent day off, I decided to take myself out for a cake’n’mag session. I walked by Blake & Taylor, a homewares store in Paddington, and spied a coffee sign out the front. After fighting my way through various pieces of furniture, place mats, and vases, I discovered a tiny little coffee shop inside the store.

Even better – there was a balcony with a few tables outside. How good is this?

blake and taylor

Latrobe Terrace’s best-kept secret, am I right? I settled down with my skim cap (decent), my citrus tart (bloody good – served with a dollop of fresh, rich cream), and my trashy mag and proceeded to read all about Miranda Kerr’s use of Swedish virgin tears to cure cellulite.

Some of you may prefer to hit the massage table to relax, but if you can’t get an appointment – venture out onto the balcony of Blake & Taylor.


Blake & Taylor


Homewares Store/Cafe

11 Latrobe Terrace

Paddington, Brisbane
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