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You’ve heard about him, I’ve mentioned him countless times, and he’s often my sidekick during chow down adventures. Ladies and gents, I present a guest post from the one and only D – yes, he DOES exist, and yes, he CAN string a sentence together. I know how to pick ’em.


One of the great things about Brisbane is that it’s always easy to get a good cup of coffee. But what about a great cup of coffee? How many places can you name in Brisbane that truly serve a life changing cup of joe? (Don’t worry I didn’t forget you Brother Espresso)

A recent visit to Shucked Coffee House in Bowen Hills has put my mind at ease – they serve amazing coffee!


Shucked coffee

Upon arrival at Shucked we were seated we were immediately brought menus and chilled water. I ordered a flat white ($3.50), with a skinny cap ($3.50) for Ally. This coffee isn’t for those that prefer a lighter tasting coffee, this is for those who prefer the full body real coffee taste.

We perused the menu for a short while and I eventually settled on the “French Kiss” ($18) – an eggy brioche with bacon, maple syrup, toffeed nuts and caramelised banana. Ally ordered the Avo baguette ($10) – a baguette with smashed avocado, dill and lemon.

2013-02-10 09.15.14

The brioche was amazing and soft, it worked so well with all its friends on the plate. One thing that really stood out was the quality of the bacon at Shucked, delicious!

Ally’s smashed avo baguette was very tasty. The dill, lemon and the crunchy (yet soft) baguette worked in harmony. My only suggestion would be to add some kosher or rock salt to it.

2013-02-10 09.15.17

Since I work near here it was a no-brainer to return, even if that meant dining alone. On my second visit I ordered my stock standard flat white and the “Shurger” – a waygu beef burger. This time I waited a while for my meal but dang, it was worth it! This is up there with some of the best burgers I’ve had in Brisbane. The beef was very moist and not overdone in the slightest. The other standout here is the sauce. I need to know how they make this creamy, BBQ sauce so so I can put that stuff on ALL the things.


Shucked burger

I can’t recommend Shucked enough. If you’re looking for a great coffee and/or a tasty breakfast then you can get Shucked!

Shucked Coffee House
9 Creswell Street, Newstead

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  1. gerrod says:

    Oh man that bacon looks good!

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