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Isn’t it funny how sometimes you can be around something every day, and not know of its existence?

Take relationships. I am always discovering new, disturbing, and sometimes pleasing things about D. Recently I discovered he calls ice cubes, “ice bricks”. I have known the man five years and only NOW I discover that his word for ice cubes is quite possibly the most ridiculous, most confusing alternative ever.

This might seem like an odd segue into introducing Hamptons Home Living but seriously: I can’t believe I’ve only JUST discovered this place! I have walked past this place a million times and barely looked twice at it – I didn’t even realise it was a cafe! Part homewares store, part eatery, Hamptons has a reasonably priced breakfast and lunch menu, and to my surprise: the most AWESOME back verandah with one of the best views around.

Hamptons Home Living verandah

We sat on the said verandah recently for breakfast. While I was disappointed to see the menu lacked ‘sweet’ breakfast options, the beetroot-cured salmon with crème fraîche ($14) perked me up. D snagged an order of that, while I mixed it up and went with Levain fruit and nut toast with Manuka honey ($9), and a side of honey-roasted bacon ($5).

We started with coffees (skim capp + flat whites, ~$3.60 each), and marvelled at the view, which stretched from downtown to Toowong. Kookaburras were chirping, the coffee was one of the best I’d had in Paddington, and our waitress was a sweet French girl. How had it taken me so long to find this awesome place?

Our meals arrived relatively quickly. D quickly attacked his plate, which was piled high with bright pink, rare salmon. It was tasty – the citrus-y crème fraîche paired well with the rich salmon – and I thought that for $14, the amount of fresh, sashimi-style salmon that you got was very good value.

Hamptons Home Living cured salmon

Similarly, my plate of deliciously crunchy, slightly sweet bacon, was pretty big. My hot tip, if you ever get the bacon and toast combo: dip the bacon in your little cup of Manuka honey. You’re welcome.

While I think that some of the breakfast food at other Paddington locations is a bit better, you really can’t beat the gorgeous setting that Hamptons Home Living has. I will definitely be going back for lunch (hello, pork belly sandwiches anyone??), and more of that awesome coffee with a view.


Hamptons Home Living

Cafe and Homewares Store

180 Latrobe Tce, Paddington

(07) 3367 2002


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