I’m the sort of person who mixes it up with a lot of things. I’m a bit of a slob at home, yet I usually have manicured nails. I frequently spill things on my top, but I carefully hand wash all my nice clothes. I stick fervently to timelines and schedules at work, yet my desk looks like a post-it note bomb exploded.

So, for my first visit to Kerbside, I was able to sit in a feral, old, broken couch with no complaints – because I had one of Kerbside’s many awesome beers in my hand.

Kerbside is named for its collection of couches, armchairs, and seats – all sourced from Kerbside collection. Yes, it adds to the whole cool, relaxed hipster vibe, and yes, thankfully it means there’s lots of seating, but seriously – ew. Luckily, their amazing beer list makes up for it.

Kerbside beer

While we were there we tried Holgate Hopinator (wonderful and hoppy, as the name suggests); Holgate Double Trouble Abbey Ale (RIDICULOUS, sort of sweet, “Like Christmas!” as my friend described); and Little Creatures Puffing Billy (ok – refreshing, but a bit average).

Kerbside Little Creatures Puffing Billy

One thing that rubbed us the wrong way? While the bartender was awesome (knew his shit, gave great beer recommendations, was super friendly to boot), one of the floor staff was ridiculously rude. Normally I don’t use this blog as a soapbox for complaining about bad service, but seriously: when a patron spills a drink, don’t scowl and half-jokingly say, “If I make a big deal about cleaning it up, maybe you won’t do it again”. And when we then point out we didn’t even spill it, don’t roll your eyes and say, “Well I don’t see anyone else here”.

Ok. End rant.

Apart from that, Kerbside rocks!




Constance St (near Ann St), Fortitude Valley

(07) 3252 9833
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  1. 21/07/2014

    […] of Moondog’s seasonal brews (try Archive Next Door, although you can enjoy it at the bar in Kerbside or The Scratch). What’s better than a festive, fruity, spicy Christmas ale? Oh, love and […]

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