Burger Urge: Take 2

I’ve actually reviewed Burger Urge before, a couple of years ago, and I distinctly remember passing out in a delirious, slightly comatose state after eating their delicious sweet potato fries.

So, obviously when the kind folks offered me a couple of vouchers to use recently, I was game to hit them up and see whether they still fulfilled my sweet potato-lovin’ dreams.

We visited the Kelvin Grove location, which is a pretty funky space:



Burger Urge seating

“Give me a 1 kg tub of your sweet potato fries!” I declared, throwing my vouchers at the stunned employee. Naw, kidding – I asked for 500 grams.

In the end we went with a New Yorker burger ($12.90), a Cheese Louise burger combo ($14.50), and a Wasabi Lime dipping sauce (90 cents).

The food came out super quickly – like, in less than 5 minutes. D’s New Yorker burger was stacked with slices of bacon, cheese, and crispy lettuce:

Burger Urge The New Yorker

While my Cheese Louise was a fine lookin’ number herself, filled with cheese, lettuce, salad, and mayo:

Burger Urge Cheese Louise

While the buns were fresh and soft, and the burgers were easy to handle (because having half your burger explode onto your shirt will not get you a date. Trust me, I have tried), we were a little underwhelmed. They’re tasty enough, and the veggies are all really fresh, but the beef patties were pretty bland and felt a little processed. The patties weren’t that sort of glorious, chunky beef patty that dreams are made of – they were more like a perfectly formed, smooth edged rubbery disk. Harsh, but that was our experience. I remember a better burger experience when I first visited back in 2011 – what happened?

The sweet potato fries, however, WERE as good as my first experience with them – pairing them with the creamy lime wasabi mayo, I was happily shoving my face with them until I saw D’s hurt face. Oh. I had just eaten them all and barely given him any. This was because the serving was pretty small – call me greedy, but for something that is nearly 5 bucks on its own, I did expect a bigger serve. I distinctly remember getting MASSIVE serves in general when I last had Burger Urge – perhaps we just had a stingy cook this time around?

Burger Urge touts itself as a ‘gourmet burger bar’, but that’s not quite the experience, taste-wise, I had this time. However, they do score points for amazing sweet potato fries and a cool, hip ambiance.


Burger Urge

Shop 20, 8 Carraway St

Kelvin Grove Urban Village

Kelvin Grove

(also in St Lucia, West End, The Valley,  and the CBD)


Ph: (07) 3839 2187



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  1. Melissa Loh says:

    Burger Urge’s sweet potato fries were pretty good, aren’t they?

    • admin says:

      Oh yes – craving some right now. I also think all places should offer their fries in sweet potato form!

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