Quick Bites: Hudsons New Barista’s Choice Blend

Am I a bold person? Well, no, not particularly. My ideas of being bold is asking the flight attendant for a second UHT milk capsule for my coffee. I secretly take multiple salt and pepper packets from McDonald’s. And yes, that’s right, I’ve been rocking the same haircut since I was 11. But being really bold – yeah, not me.

So understandably, when the folks at Hudsons Coffee asked me if I wanted to try their latest coffee release – the Barista’s Choice Blend – I was hesitant. What if it was too much for me? It’s their darkest roast – what if I couldn’t handle it?

The packet promised an earthy flavour and caramel undertones, so it frankly wasn’t that hard to get me to brew some for a latte.



Hudsons Barista's Choice Coffee

My salt and pepper sachet-grabbing self relaxed after the first sip; it wasn’t too much for me at all. It’s actually a very mild blend, with virtually no bitterness at all. Truthfully, bold coffee lovers might be disapointed with this blend, but those who are into a smooth, subtle cup of joe will love it.

If your idea of being bold sounds similar to mine, Hudsons Barista’s Choice Blend is an ideal accompaniment to your adventures.

Teaser: watch this space for a Hudsons giveaway, coming soon!


Hudsons Coffee

Available from multiple stores around Australia

Thanks to the Hudsons guys for sending me a free sample + a super cute Keep Cup.

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