Hands up if you love WAFFLES!

They’re the best. In the great debate of pancakes vs. waffles, I have both feet firmly in the Waffle camp. If you don’t like waffles, you’re dead to me. This sounds harsh but damnit, they’re WAFFLES, man. When it comes to breakfast food, things get serious.

That’s why, when I saw that Sprout had waffles on the menu, I threw on my elastic pants, grabbed D, and practically raced down there.

Sprout is a bit of a hidden delight, really – tucked into a sleepy stretch of shops in Auchenflower, it’s housed in an old-school cottage, complete with fireplace.

Sprout interior

It’s a wonderful cosy space – it’s like dining in a friend’s very large living room, except there’s no empty pizza boxes/dirty socks and jocks (don’t ask) in sight.

We started with coffees (cappuccino for me, flat white for D), which were unfortunately pretty terrible.

Sprout waffles

Luckily the food was awesome. The waffles ($12.50) were surprisingly quite thin, which gave them a lovely crispiness. D had the Sprout Eggs Benedict ($22.50) with salmon. His dish, while a little on the expensive side, was also great – the potato rosti was a nice change from the usual english muffin.

Sprout Eggs Benedict

Sprout is a lovely little neighborhood spot for coffee or a meal – they’re open six days a week for lunch and dinner, too.

I’ve also got to point out to my fellow Canooks – they have pierogies on the lunch menu. YES. Pierogies, in Brisbane!

And if you really,¬†truly¬†don’t like waffles?

Naw. You’re still dead to me.




111 Haig Rd, Auchenflower


07 3870 3030




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