South Bank Surf Club’s New Menu

Have you ever heard of warm up ribs?

They’re the ribs you have the night before you go out for your main ribs. They are absolutely, totally necessary.

So D and I were pleased to see them recently at a ‘sneak peek’ event for South Bank Surf Club’s new summer menu. We were going out for ribs the next night at The Grove, so warm up ribs were essential.

Let’s back up though. We started the evening with a few drinks on the upper deck at SBSC, admiring the awesome view. I had been to SBSC before for breakfast, and while the view was cool then, it’s even better at night – you can see the Kodiak beach below, the river, and the city skyline. Not too shabby!

South Bank Surf Club view

We shared a few entrees – the Smoked Sardine Soldiers; Moreton Bay oysters Rockefeller, and the Chunky Tomato Bruschetta. My favourite was surprisingly the sardines:

South Bank smoked sardines

For our mains I went with the Thai Marinated Chargrilled Moreton Bay Bug, and of course D had his warm up ribs (BBQ Beef Ribs, served with crispy chat potatoes). The ribs in question were covered in a satisfyingly sticky and sweet sauce, and the meat fell off the bone with barely any encouragement from his fork. I also loved the little crispy potatoes – they were like a thicker, crunchier potato wedge. D mumbled through a mouthful of meat that they were some of the best he’s had in Brisbane. Score!

South Bank Ribs

My bug salad was the perfect summer meal – light, refreshing, with hints of Asian flavours.

We ended the night with crème brulee and dark chocolate fondant. The crème brulee was just okay – white the toffee top was nice and thick and the custard was thick and creamy, it was a little bland.

South Bank Creme Brulee

D’s fondant was awesome though – super rich and chocolately, but in a sensible serving so you didn’t need to be rolled outta the restaurant afterwards. Plus it was served with a rhubarb beer jam (it worked, trust me!)

South Bank chocolate fondant

SBSC is often over-looked, but it’s a lovely spot for a casual dinner away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of South Bank. The views, friendly service, and varied menu make it an ideal summer hang out.

Whether you’re after warm up ribs or not.


South Bank Surf Club



30aa Stanley Plaza

South Bank (overlooking Kodiak Beach)

(07) 3844 7301


I was invited to a Tweet Up event at South Bank Surf Club; therefore my meal and drinks were compensated. This review is entirely my own opinion. Thanks for having us!

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