Chester Street Kitchen

We popped into Chester Street Kitchen recently for a quick afternoon slice of cake.

What, you don’t do that? You’re crazy. Cake and a lazy afternoon go together like Vegemite and cheese.

Cake is an especially suitable arvo snack when it’s something like this:


Chester Street Red Velvet Cake

Red velvet! Chester Street also had a ridiculous-looking salted caramel creation, but that’ll have to wait for next time.

Our coffees (skim capp and a flat white) were very good, and the service was friendly although a little sparse. It’s a cute space, too: there’s a cosy area inside near the wood-fire oven, and the outdoor deck is very relaxing. It’s almost like being in the backyard at someone’s house, except I sure as hell don’t know anyone who can bake like THAT.

Needless to say the Red Velvet Cake was awesome. It’s so awesome that Chester Street is now a contender for our wedding cake.

The next time a cake craving hits, check out Chester Street – and pick me up a slice of salted caramel, ok?


Chester Street Kitchen


(desserts served late!)


32A Chester St, Newstead

07 3852 4130



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