Chilliwow’s New Menu

Last night the amigos at Chilliwow invited us to have a sneak peek at their new, expanded menu.

I’ve never been to the Mexican bar/casual eatery so was excited to check it out – oh heck, I was just excited at the prospect of Margaritas.

I tried something different though and started with a Ginger and Lime Mojito. Crammed with fresh mint, it was super refreshing and I (dangerously) found it very easy to drink. D was slurping on a Watermelon Smash Mojito, which was full of fresh Watermelon juice that the Chilliwow guys juice themselves. I also had a Margarita later in the night that was perfection Рand a plain Mojito too (what can I say, I was on vacation) that was tying neck-and-neck with the Margarita for my favourite drink.

Chilliwow originally opened about six months ago with a pretty small menu, but have decided to expand after the public had been asking for MOAR. We tried a slew of their new menu items, like:

Albondigas (meatballs) and jalapeno poppers:

Chilliwow appetizers

Tacos – chicken, fish, vegetarian, and low-carb (lettuce instead of a tortilla!) varieties:

Chilliwow Tacos

Nachos (below) and chilli fries:

Chilliwow Nachos

Torta al pastor, Chilliwow dogs, and quesadillas (below):

Chilliwow Quesadillas


And finally: churros!

Chilliwow Churros


All the ingredients were super fresh, and my favourite part was the tortillas: these taste NOTHING like Old el Paso, and thank God. They’re super doughy, chewy, and full of flavour, and taste just like the tortillas we had in Mexico.

The tacos and jalapeno poppers (don’t be scared, they’re not that spicy!) were my favourites, although I can see how dishes like the Chilliwow dog and nachos would be popular with people looking for a late-night post-bar snack.

So keep that in mind: I don’t think Chilliwow is an ideal place for a sit-down Mexican dinner; rather, it’s a fun and chilled out spot for drinks, maybe a casual dinner or appetizer, or a late-night snack.

Or, you know, just a Margarita. I won’t judge.



22 Constance St

Fortitude Valley


07: 3252 8491


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  1. 14/04/2014

    […] I had previously tried Chilliwow’s old menu, which I thought was tasty, but a little junky – i.e., good after a few too many Margs, probably not so good for an average Sunday night dinner. […]

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