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I think I am seeing the beginnings of a dangerous new relationship. No, I haven’t found myself some bad boy who has tattoos and doesn’t floss – nor am I hooked on some new adrenalin-filled activity (finding out I’ve accidently thrown a silk shirt in the washing machine is excitement enough, thanks).

I’m talking about New Farm breakfast spots. I’ve got a track record for doing this before with Paddington – I just can’t help myself when I find a suburb that is ripe with brekkie places. I must try every breakfast place within a 300 metre radius.

It’s all Pablo’s fault. D and I finally settled on trying their breakfast after narrowing down an initial list of four – three of which were all in New Farm. The Brioche French Toast with saffron fairy floss, berries, and homemade vanilla and pistachio ice cream ($16) sold me.

Pablo French Toast

That right there is a thick slab of fluffy brioche bread, grilled to perfection, with a little scoop of creamy pistachio ice cream slowly melting over the top. I loved the Persian Fairy Floss on top. I’m not saying I need a hit of pure sugar come 9am, but it’s a cute touch and I love the texture of that stuff.

D ordered the Smoked Salmon with dill scrambled eggs and smoked tomato compote ($17), and described it as, “I’m not an egg man, but damn – these eggs are good.”

Pablo Scrambled Eggs

Our coffees were excellent – my skim cappucino in particular was one of the best I’ve had in Brisbane!

Service was friendly and efficient. Try to snag an outdoor table if you can – we sat inside, which was a little cramped and noisy, but fine (I had my French toast to occupy me, so all good).

Who will be next on my New Farm breakfast hit list? Watch this space. I can’t stay satisfied for long.





893 Brunswick St, New Farm

(07) 3254 4900

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  1. That brioche french toast with fairy floss looks absolutely incredible- just organised a group of us to head on over on Sunday morning to give this a whirl!

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