Artie & Mai

I know a lot of people were devastated when the beloved Stockholm Syndrome shut its doors recently.

But guess what? I’m giving y’all a belated Christmas present (or a really, really early one).

I’m giving you news about Stockholm’s super-cute, younger, hipper replacement! You’re welcome.

Artie & Mai has taken over the iconic red storefront on Sandgate Road, offering breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, and drinks.

Artie and Mai Albion

We stopped by in the morning recently to grab coffees and banana bread. Both coffees were solid, and the banana bread was awesome – very hearty and not too sweet, packed with chunks of banana and walnuts.

Artie and Mai banana bread

The service was very friendly, and I loved the interior – it’s quite slick and modern, yet feels cosy. There’s even a private dining area for special events, plus the dangerous-sounding “The Breakfast Feast” – a four-course brekkie bonanza. I’m looking forward to coming back and just grabbing a drink: they’ve got Holgate, so I kinda have to.

Artie and Mai interior

Who says Christmas can’t come early?


Artie & Mai


340 Sandgate Rd, Albion

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