Fitch Espresso

I have slight stalker-ish tendencies.

I’ve taken many wonderful yoga classes from Chris Fitch (yup, the Fitch in Fitch!) at Harlow, and when I heard he was opening up a Newstead coffee spot, I couldn’t wait to try the fruits of his latest career change.

I knew it was one of many career changes for him because I googled him.

Yes, I google my yoga teachers. It’s weird. Leave me alone.

So D and I went to check out Fitch, the new tiny little coffee spot that’s opened up beside Tippler’s Tap (near Gasworks). To our delight, Chris’ smiling face greeted us and he got started on our flat white and cappuccino ($4 each).

Fitch Espresso Menu



Fitch coffee

Despite having next to no experience in the coffee trade, Chris makes a mean cup of joe! While the hot coffees are good, they’ve got nothing on his iced coffees ($4.50 each).

Fitch iced coffee

I’d actually tried one the week before, when D very nicely brought one home. Lightly sweetened with condensed milk syrup, these cold drinks have the potential to develop a cult following. They’re super smooth, a little creamy, a little sweet, and very refreshing. Chris has plans to sell them at markets in the future, and I predict he will make a KILLING on these bad boys. They’re the best!

For now, Fitch just does beverages, although there are plans to bring on food in the near future (there’s just cookies at the moment).

There’s only a handful of seats too – so get in there quick before the place starts getting really busy!

I’ll be there. Getting my stalk on.


Fitch Espresso


22 Masters St, Newstead


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