The 2013 Eat Drink Brisbane Awards

It’s that time again. When I sit at my computer, an hour before lunch, and foolishly think that reminiscing about all of my favourite meals won’t have any effect on my appetite. Here’s our roundup of the best Brisbane restaurant, coffee, bar, and more in 2013.

I think I’ll be calling an early lunchtime today.


Best Bar

We just can’t help it. Those lovable bearded dudes at The Scratch have us hooked. We went there so much last year that our Facebook walls are littered with check ins from The Scratch, and barely anything else. Amazing beer selection, always friendly service, and free peanuts. What’s not to like?

Runner up: Canvas. Our review is a couple years old, but visited again in 2013 and it hasn’t changed: still creative, tasty cocktails in a super-cool, laid back setting.


Best Breakfast

This was a toughie. Breakfast is our favourite meal of the day, so really we could be eating vegemite toast at home and still be proclaiming it as one of the best meals ever. But, we’re going to give 2013’s award to Shucked at Newstead. Brioche french toast, nutella lattes, always-excellent coffee: that’s how I like to start my day.


Best Restaurant

We didn’t review it (it was an anniversary dinner, or Valentine’s Day, or something sappy like that – food photography can kinda kill the mood, you know), but Enoteca 1889 at the ‘Gabba wins this round. We had sausage and gnocchi in some ridiculously rich, buttery sauce, and a simple chili seafood pasta; both were delicious, and tasted even better served in the cool wine cellar-like surrounds. Plus the waiter was Italian. Yes, you get extra points if your waitstaff have European accents.


Best Hidden Gem

Blake and Taylor is a welcome reprieve from the sometimes-hectic Given Terrace strip. Hide out on the cute balcony, catch a breeze, and maybe a lemon tart.

Runner up: The balcony at the back of Hamptons Home Living. Best breakfast views in the city!


Best Meal

Cake’s a meal, isn’t it? Chester Street Kitchen wins for their crazy-good red velvet cake. Our only regret is that we shared it.

Runner up: The pork belly sliders at Tippler’s Tap. We honestly have conversations that frequently start with, “Remember those sliders we had that time…”


Best Coffee

Surprisingly, Pablo in New Farm brewed the best coffee I had in 2013!

Runner up: Shucked…plus they get extra points for offering a coffee with nutella in it.

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