White Jam

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who love astro turf, and those who hate it.

It’s a seemingly innocent thing, but astro turf can really get some people fired up. D hates it. His common reaction when we see it is to roll his eyes and give a quiet grunt of disgust.

I love it! It’s kitschy, it’s fun, and it feels good under your bare feet, so I’m all for it. You can bet that on a recent visit to Hendra’s White Jam, my shoes were off and I was rubbing my footsies all over the astro turf they’ve laid down in the back patio.

The outdoor area at White Jam is quiet, huge, and really cute – along with the astro turf, there’s heaps of seating, quirky artwork, and lots of shade. There’s even a little area for your pooch to sit while you’re chowing down!

White Jam outside

The White Jam peeps don’t only do a mean job at decorating, they make a mean cup of coffee too. Our flat white and skim capp ($4 each for a small) were excellent. It’s not just a one-shot wonder either – I’d stopped by for a takeaway a couple of days earlier and the coffee had been awesome then too.

White Jam Cappucino

White Jam latte

White Jam offer a simple, fairly limited menu, but it’s ideal if you’re after something light for breakfast, a snack, or lunch. They’ve got free WiFi too, so it’d be a lovely spot to chill out and study (or procrastinate on Facebook, because let’s face it, that’s what will really happen).

White Jam menu

White Jam is a welcome addition to Hendra’s surprisingly excellent coffee scene (nearby Dandelion and Driftwood and Suite Commuter Coffee are favourites with locals too).

But if you take an astro turf hater, you might just want to sit inside.


White Jam


21 Zillman Rd, Hendra


Open 5am – 2pm Monday-Friday; 7am-midday Saturday & Sunday

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