Claret House Wine Bar

I love me a good hot chip. They’re hearty, salty, carby, and just damn good (especially with a wine or beer). One usually expects to find good chips in a pub, or a dodgy seafood takeaway joint.

But I have found them in a chic, hip wine bar/restaurant.

It’s true – Claret House in Teneriffe do amazing hot chips ($8). Thick cut, they’re almost like potato wedges, with a super crispy skin – and of course there’s plenty of creamy aioli for dipping.

Claret House chips

But we didn’t go to a renowned Brisbane wine bar just to eat chips. We also grabbed a pork belly dish from the specials board, the chilli and mint calamari ($16), and a couple glasses of wine (their wine list is ridiculous – it’s more of a novel than a list).

Claret House calamari

The calamari was melt-in-your-mouth tender, and served with a tasty peach and goat cheese side salad. Just watch out for that squid ink: it will get all over your lips, and your loving partner will laugh at you. The pork belly special was also excellent, and had the best combination of flavours – crispy green apple on top, and sweet pureed carrot below.

Claret House pork belly

Service was friendly, and we loved the ambiance – Claret House stays true to its Woolstore locale and embraces exposed brick, rustic but luxe furniture, and wood detailing inside (check out the chairs on the ceiling! No, I haven’t been downing too much of said wine!). There’s a lovely patio area outside with plenty of seating, and a handful of seats inside around the gorgeous bar that takes centre-stage.

Claret House patio

We’re actually having our wedding reception at Claret House soon, so I am pretty pleased the food rocks.

Now, I wonder how our guests will fancy a dinner of hot chips and wine?


Claret House

Restaurant/Wine Bar

5/36 Vernon Terrace, Teneriffe


Ph: (07) 3257 0402

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