Sixes and Sevens

Anyone else always feel scruffy when they’re on James St?

Come on, you know what I mean. Despite putting care into your outfit, using a bit of hairspray, maybe even putting some face slap on – you still can’t help but feel a little daggy next to all the other well-heeled, polished New Farm ladies and gents.

I had done all the above and I still felt a little disheveled as we approachedĀ Sixes and Sevens for dinner recently. The always-packed turf area out the front is a prime preening position, full of fresh and shiny whippersnappers, and I just wanted a nice casual dinner. Damn.

My fears were dashed once we peeked inside at the indoor dining. It was cosy! And rather dark (so I looked more attractive)! And the waiters and bartenders were friendly! I quickly forgot my flyaways and started in on the spicy BBQ & cola marinade beef short ribs ($16) and poutine ($14). This was my first poutine outside of Canada. Being Canadian, you can imagine I was ridiculously picky. But Sixes and Sevens’ poutine passed my scrutinizing Canook eye. The gravy was tasty (although a bit runny), and the cheese curds were good quality (although they didn’t use enough – the more curds the better guys!)

Beef shortribs and poutine

The ribs were amazing – I was hesitant because I’m more of a pork ribs girl, but these super-saucy bad boys were great. I couldn’t really taste the coke (but I wasn’t expecting to) – rather it just adds an overall sweetness and stickiness to the sauce.

Sixes and Sevens also has a small but decent beer list, with Sierra Nevada, Little Creatures, and Weihenstaphner, among others.

So don’t let the polished young things outside fool you – Sixes and Sevens is a lovely spot for a drink or casual meal.


Sixes and Sevens



67 James St, New Farm

Ph: (07) 3358 6067

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