Chilliwow’s New Tex Mex Menu

We’re suckers for a good bit of Tex Mex, so when Chilliwow invited us to try their new Smokin’ BBQ Tex Mex Menu – well, we rocked up for dinner as early as we could, senior-citizen style, at 5pm.

We started with a couple of Margaritas ($16 each), of course – as usual, they were superb.

Then our kind waiter brought out two Tex Mex platters. Here’s the deal: for $20 you get one of these neat little lunchroom-style trays, filled with pork, lamb, sides, and three fresh corn tortillas. Extra meat is $5, extra tortillas are $1 each, extra sides are $2, and so on.

Chilliwow tex mex

I had previously tried Chilliwow’s old menu, which I thought was tasty, but a little junky – i.e., good after a few too many Margs, probably not so good for an average Sunday night dinner.

The new Tex Mex menu on the other hand? Total opposite. I would happily chow down on the tender meat, fresh tortillas and sides, and more-ish salsas and sauces any day of the week.

Chilliwow sauce

We were pretty full after demolishing our trays, so for $20, I’d say that’s pretty good value.

Go check it out, amigos!



Bar/Casual Restaurant


22 Constance St

Fortitude Valley

07: 3252 8491



Thanks to Chilliwow for hosting us for dinner and drinks!

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