Harajuku Gyoza Opens at Indooroopilly

If you’re not like one of the other thousands of gyoza fans out there, you might be wondering what the heck they are. Allow Harajuku Gyoza‘s website to explain:

“They are like little Japanese dumplings of happy.”

I’d say that’s a totally accurate description. Especially if you’re eating gyoza in Harajuku Gyoza, a loud, fun, and friendly casual restaurant. It’s just opened up a second location in Indooroopilly, so now gyoza lovers don’t have to trek into the Valley to get their fix.

We ordered duck gyoza ($8 for five); grilled chicken gyoza ($8 for five); pork gyoza ($8 for three); edamame ($4); and white sesame salad ($6). The food was brought out fast, and everything is super-fresh: I know for a fact because I was watching the dudes do their thing in the kitchen:

 Harajuku Gyoza kitchen

The gyozas were tasty little bundles of steamed meat, and were nice and chewy but not gelatinous (if you’ve ever had bad, gummy gyoza before, you know what I’m talking about). The veggie sides were huge and fresh, and all of the waiters were super friendly. Harajuku Gyoza is also licensed – even serving a popular concoction that’s a cross between a beer and a slushie.

Harajuku Gyoza salad

Harajuku Gyoza

Two of us were pleasantly full for around $34, but it might turn into an expensive meal if you want to get your fill just on gyoza alone. Next time I think I’ll try some of the bigger izakaya dishes, like Chicken Karaage or Pork Katsudon.

Harajuku Gyoza is a welcome addition to Indooroopilly – I wish this place had been around when I lived in the area!

So, should you go? Let’s ask Harajuku Gyoza:

“Don’t be shy. Order again and again.”

Well said.


Harajuku Gyoza

Japanese Restaurant


Outside Indooroopilly Shopping Centre (from the Pig & Whistle, start walking down Station Road in the direction of the train station)

Station Rd, Indooroopilly


Ph: (07) 3378 4863


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Thank you to Harajuku Gyoza for providing us with vouchers to use for our meal.

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