Sheraton Four Points Buffet Opens

Buffets are those kinds of things we all secretly love, but we think that admitting it will somehow show we’re gluttonous pigs.

You know what? I’m not here to judge you. I say, embrace the buffet. Go forth and dive into the unlimited seafood, soup, and hot dishes. Get another dessert. More bread? Of course more bread damnit, it’s a buffet!

Sheraton Four Points dessert

To get your out-and-proud buffet love on, check out the recently opened Sheraton Four Points restaurant, The Eatery. On Friday and Saturday nights, there’s a seafood buffet for $75 per person (and a $55 seafood brunch on Sundays).

Sheraton Four Points seafood buffet

One the night we visited, the buffet had about 9-10 hot dishes, prawns, fresh oysters, crab, soup, calamari, a few salads, and several desserts (and a cheese platter too). While it’s not the biggest buffet going around, it’s excellent value if you’re a seafood lover. We checked it out recently and thought the seafood was brilliant, although the desserts and hot dishes were a little average (I have read other reviews that said there was a huge dessert bar with doughnuts and lemon meringue pie, but that wasn’t the case when we visited).┬áIf you’re all about crab and oysters though, you’ll love it.

So, embrace the buffet. I won’t judge.


Sheraton Four Points – The Eatery



99 Mary St, Brisbane

Ph: (07) 3164 4000

Thank you to the Sheraton Four Points for hosting us for dinner.

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